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List of the Best WordPress & Website Theme Publishers - April 2020

#Free ThemesThemes VarietyPrice RangeScoreMain AdvantageGet Started
Over 40 WordPress Themes
Free - $399
Sale Coupons
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
12 Categories (Including Corporate, eCommerce, Blog, Restaurant, etc.)
Over 1400 WordPress Themes
Sale Coupons
Live Chat
Free Sample Templates
Template Customization Services
17 Categories And Over 100 Sub Categories (Including Art & Culture, Animals & Pets, Home & Family, etc.)
Want To Create Your Own Website?
Over 9700 WordPress Themes
$13 - $228
6 Months Support Guaranteed
Refund Available
Varied & Beautiful Designs
30 Categories (Including Corporate, Blog, Shop, Personal, etc.)
Over 35 WordPress Themes
Free - $199
1 Year Support Guarantee
Free Wordpress Guide
Live Chat
8 Categories (Including Business, Magazine, Blog, Food, etc.)
Over 5000 WordPress Themes
Free - $249
Free Themes
Excellent Support Forum
35 Categories (Including Art, Blog, Food, Gaming, etc.)
Over 85 WordPress Themes
$89 - $249
Sale Coupons
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Live Chat
10 Categories (Including App, Magazine, Blog, eCommerce, etc.)

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What is a WordPress Theme?

WordPress themes provide the front-end design aspects of your WordPress website, offering a host of features, styles, and creative ideas. WordPress themes typically encompass a wide range of colors, widgets, templates, creative elements, styles for blog archives, font styling, and customizable design elements. In much the same fashion as WordPress plug-ins, it is possible to choose from many free WordPress themes from the WordPress Theme Directory.


For businesses seeking premium-style content, we suggest purchasing a theme from providers such as ThemeForest or Template Monster. Premium website themes and templates offer multiple benefits over the free versions. For starters, they offer reliable customer support and a stable code base. Many of the premium-themed options work in a similar fashion to web design software.


Themes are affordable whereas custom-built websites are less-so. It is possible to pay anywhere from $5,000 – $50,000 for a custom-built website. Fortunately, high-quality themes are available to anyone, with the majority costing less than $100! They are affordable, easy to work with, and largely customizable. Drag-and-drop functionality, image placement and multimedia options are easily incorporated into many WordPress themes.


How to Select the Best Theme for Your Website?

It can be a daunting challenge selecting a theme for your business website. In deciding which theme to go for, carefully consider the nature of your business and what your strategic objectives are. In all cases, it’s important to keep it as simple as possible. As Leonardo da Vinci said, Simplicity Is the Ultimate Sophistication.


WordPress themes are feature-rich, many of them encompassing animation, complex layouts, and designs, and a smorgasbord of colors. Always choose a simple theme that supports your organizational objectives. Additional options such as page builders, WordPress plug-ins, help and support options and search engine optimization tools are important.


No matter the theme you choose, make sure it is optimized for mobile. These sites feature prominently on leading search engines such as Google, where mobile-friendliness is an important ranking factor. Typically, WordPress themes are mobile friendly, but you may encounter themes with fixed widths that do not comply with mobile specs.


Always test the mobile functionality of your template/theme. Browser compatibility is an issue that affects many websites, even today. Be sure that you have cross-platform functionality with Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, and others. Another consideration is the range of plug-ins that are supported by your website. Popular plug-ins enhance the functionality of your website. Once you’re satisfied with a theme, test it out in a demo mode before you pay for it. This is a great way to ensure that it meets your standards.