Wix Launches Full Back-End Coding Experience

Wix Update Wix Launches Full Back-End Coding Experience


Wix is one of the world’s leading website building platforms, with over 100 million registered users worldwide. So it’s no surprise that Wix recently announced the release of a new suite of tools offering users new back-end code editing privileges.


Wix Code enables users to create dynamic pages, collect information build a database, export it into a CSV file and extend website functionality through JavaScript and API integration.


Wix Database Collections - Wix Code


Prior to the introduction of Wix Code, users could access Wix’s drag-and-drop editor, which has hundreds of templates and design tools. They couldn’t however, create things like dynamic pages and custom forms. With Wix’s new set of editing tools, this and a host of other features are now accessible to all users. Let’s explore how it works.

How Does it Work?

Wix Code gives users a new way to enhance their site and allows them to build highly-customized websites by:


Fully Accessing Back-End Code: Here, users can extend their website functionality through JavaScript and API integration.


Adding Dynamic Pages: By far one of the coolest new superpowers offered by Wix, users can set up a single design style template, create hundreds of pages and update content in a single click.


Each page is automatically generated and accompanied by a unique URL. Wix’s users can even set up database collections, add custom forms, configure repeating layouts and change site behaviors via Wix APIs.


Integrating Development Environment: This is a serverless web solution that provides page-by-page coding panels. These panels automatically label page components and add function or custom interactions to a website with no knowledge of HTML or CSS needed.


Collecting and Creating a Database: With this feature, users can store content or information in a database. This includes importing/exporting CSV files and setting up custom forms to collect important data.


Having added JavaScript — you can now configure specific areas of a page with customized behaviors. So, for example, users can make images, maps and more react when a cursor is placed over it.

Essentially, Wix website owners can now more easily create web applications and databases to manage their content and tap the power of Wix APIs to connect with external services.


Wix Code Javascript

Real-World Application

This solves the real-world problem of reducing the need for updating themes, hosts, content management systems, plugins, content delivery networks and other third-party apps integrations.


To accompany its new capabilities — Wix paired them with Wix OS Back-end, which lets you manage blogs, business operations and portfolios.


To find out how to get started with Wix Code, watch this video from Wix:



To find out more about Wix’s website building platform, read WebCreate.io’s official Wix Review.



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