Zyro Review

Zyro Review

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Last updated: 11 February 2021
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Zyro is a growing and powerful website builder whose primary appeal lies in simplicity. It’s the ideal solution for novices looking for DIY websites, online stores, and blogs. However, it doesn’t exclude those with growing needs. Zyro has several pricing tiers that provide a seamless functionality expansion.


The slick interface, unique yet straightforward design tools, numerous templates, and proprietary AI Writer are all impressive. While it lacks some blogging features and customizability options, its functionalities are well-rounded enough to make Zyro an ideal solution for launching your online business.


Zyro is simple, affordable, and to-the-point. Since it only came out in 2019, we’re yet to see an increased scope of features it’s sure to add to make itself even more competitive on the market. Let’s take an in-depth look at all Zyro functionalities to see whether it’s suitable for your needs.

Zyro - Main page

If you only need a quick run-through, go to our Bottom Line section, where we cover the essentials.


Zyro boasts dozens of templates for you to use. The various designs work for different industries, from hospitality to fashion, art, and design. Browse through them to find inspiration or pick one of the following categories if you already have an idea in mind:

Zyro - All Templates

The template selection includes multiple slick, well-designed, mobile-friendly layouts. Pick one, and you’ve already significantly facilitated your website-building tasks.


The number of options for you to scroll through and test out is enough to meet the needs of any business style. Once chosen, you can change some aspects of the template to match your desired aesthetics. For example, you can change the color palette to suit your branding and packaging better. Take your time to examine the library and find a template that matches the look you’re going for most accurately.

The Editor

Ease of use is the primary feature that distinguishes Zyro from other website builders. The tools are more than enough for quickly establishing a digital presence, even without any in-depth coding knowledge. If you decide to modify your site, Zyro’s grid system helps you ensure everything stays aesthetically pleasing and symmetrical. As long as you follow the lines, content structuring is a breeze. The ready-made templates already feature the necessary functionalities. So if you’re brand-new to website design, you won’t have to change much to make a highly functional webpage.


After you pick a template, the platform directs you to the logically-organized Editor section. You’ll find the available tools on the right side of your screen. The following functionalities are at your disposal:


Feature Details
  • For creating balanced layouts
  • Drag and drop elements into pre-arranged fields
  • For adding another grid field
Image upload
  • For adding images
  • A massive, royalty-free stock image library
  • Drag and drop content onto the page
Image resizing
  • For resizing images
  • Grab an image corner and drag it to the desired size
Logo maker
  • For creating logos
  • Use images from the stock library
  • Modify and add text as needed
  • Save and download as a PNG


Zyro keeps the importance of mobile responsiveness in mind and automatically integrates it in the website building process. Everything you create resizes to smaller screens by design—you don’t have to develop a double set of pages to boost the user experience. You can start by creating your web page for PC, tablet, or mobile. Either way, your site will suit screens of all sizes, ensuring that all customers can make the most out of your blog or store. If you began by developing an outline for larger screens, the platform lets you see the resizing with a simple tap. While you’re testing all the capabilities of a template you chose, click the “mobile” icon at the top of the screen to switch to mobile view and ensure everything is at its proper place.


Other proprietary artificial intelligence-powered tools include:

  • An AI Writer that spins generic content for filler across your website. The writing is a fantastic source of quick inspiration for a budding business owner.
  • An AI Business Name Generator. Startups only need to share phrases representing their brand, so the tool will come up with a catchy name list. You can use any name as is without the fear of plagiarism. You can even modify them as you see fit.
  • An AI Slogan maker. All you need to do is enter a keyword and the program will generate a slogan list that could work for your business.
  • An AI Heatmap Tool. The Heatmap helps eCommerce websites determine the ideal spots for placing calls to action and other relevant buttons for conversion increases.
  • An AI Image Background Remover. Drop or upload an image of the product you’re putting up for sale. This function will remove all unnecessary background details, keeping just the subject as the focal point.

Zyro Apps

If you’re looking for a simpler and on the go management, Zyro lets you use its eCommerce App Market. It gives you all of the same control you have on desktop, but with the added convenience of being able to access your shop anywhere. You can download apps and integrations from there, establishing a smooth and functional Internet sales business.


You’ll find a live chat module at the bottom of every page on Zyro’s website. It’s where you’ll direct any questions about pricing plans, tools, templates, or the company itself. The integrated AI tool forwards requests and questions to the technical team, who get back to you via email. While you wait, you could also visit the knowledge base for solo solutions. You can get basic questions answered there.



Zyro requires you to edit CNAME records to establish your domain. The task isn’t that challenging, but it requires basic knowledge. The platform doesn’t sell domain names itself. If you wish to purchase a custom one, it’ll transfer your request to Hostinger, its parent company. Pricier plans provide you with a free domain name for the first year of collaboration, which is a nice bonus.



The platform promises a 99.99% uptime in its hosting services, guaranteeing that your website is continually online. Websites built with this tool always load quickly and without bugs. Plus, if the daily traffic on your pages begins increasing, the fully-scalable model automatically upgrades to meet higher demands. The program doesn’t make you deal with various SSL and handling methods, incorporating them into the website automatically and for free.


Zyro comes in four pricing tiers. While there’s no free plan before you purchase a membership, the platform offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you wish to cancel your subscription. The Basic package is a wallet-friendly option that includes limited storage and monthly data transfers. It’s a viable option for most basic websites and great for learning the ropes.


After you test the tools out, you can upgrade to one of the more advanced plans. Different pricing tiers provide you with the following benefits:


Whichever plan you choose, you’ll also get access to SEO tools and the SSL certificate.


Let’s examine the eCommerce plan a bit more in-depth, as it’s the most popular solution among Zyro users. The website builder introduced its business-oriented models only recently, and soon after, this one took the spotlight away from Unleashed.


The list of features you could see above includes, in more detail:

  • Zero commissions. After you purchase the plan, all the profits you earn with the website go to you. The platform doesn’t require any commissions for the services it provides you besides the price you pay for using the tools.
  • All “Unleashed” features, ensuring you can build your site restriction-free using all available tools.
  • Extra online store functionalities. These features suit the needs of a business-oriented website.
  • A 100-product limit. While it limits larger companies, the ability to list up to 100 products for sale at once is more than enough for startups.
  • Discounts. The integrated marketing tools automate sending emails with discounts and unique offers to your mailing list.
  • The Gift Card feature. Giving more options to the customers helps you ensure they’ll come back for more.
  • Dozens of online payment integrations. Add flexibility to your platform by letting clients purchase products through their preferred financing method. Zyro supports numerous payment gateways, including Apple Pay, PayPal, PayFast, and Zapper.
  • Shipping tracking. The tools let buyers track the shipping through your website, while you can attach invoices to order confirmation emails.



Any paid membership option on Zyro lets you take advantage of integrations with some vital website-management services. There’s only a handful of integrations for now, with more to come as the platform evolves. Still, these help you start growing your digital presence by understanding and communicating with your audience, whether they’re customers, readers, or viewers.


Integration Details
Google Tag Manager
  • Zero-coding tag management
  • Page optimization
Facebook Messenger Live
  • Staying in touch with consumers
  • Chat with consumers directly
Google Analytics
  • User profile creation
  • Connects to other advertising products
Facebook pixel
  • Facebook ad creation
  • Getting valuable user insights
Hotjar analytics
  • Visualizing user behavior
  • Issue solving and page optimization


If you’re on one of Zyro’s eCommerce plans, you get dozens of additional sale-specific integrations. Notably:


Integration Details
Google Ads
  • Market products on Google
  • Get reports and analysis
Facebook Ads
  • Market products on Facebook
  • Get reports and analysis
  • Automate your marketing
  • Handle email promotions with ease
  • Boost lead generation
  • Get higher search engine results
Instagram and Amazon integrations
  • Connect your online store
  • Sell on other platforms


Websites Built with Zyro

Bottom Line

It's flexible, easy to use, and affordable

With all these bits of information in mind, we can easily say that Zyro is a high-quality service for website creators. It caters to those without in-depth technical knowledge who still want to put their platform out there, as well as the more professional developers with growth in mind.


Although it might seem straightforward in comparison to its competitors at first, one look at its features shows that it can outperform even platforms with larger scopes. We’re looking forward to seeing more depth of integration, customization, and business-friendliness in the future. Despite not having been in the market for a long time, its presence has been growing unstoppably. It’s a fantastic way to get started, especially if doing business online isn’t your primary focus.


Finally, the fact it scales with your company’s growth makes it worth a recommendation. You can switch to pricier and more comprehensive plans with time and keep growing your brand without changing platforms.


  • Excellent website uptime guaranteed
  • Easy-to-use beginner-friendly interface
  • Drag-and-drop website building tools
  • Comprehensive stock image library
  • Grid design for symmetrical website building
  • Handy proprietary AI tools
  • Several pricing tiers for differing needs
  • Scalable hosting services for growing websites
  • Multiple domain options from the parent company
  • Free SSL certificate included


  • Needs more template customization options
  • No option to switch templates
  • No integrations in the free option
  • No Zyro App marketplace for non-businesses


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