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Wix Reliability

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Last updated: 12 January 2023
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Every Wix site is built on Wix’s powerful, highly resilient infrastructure, which processes
more than 3.8 billion requests a day. Wix’s infrastructure currently empowers more than
200 million businesses and enterprises worldwide. And it is fully managed and maintained
by Wix, with no extra steps required by users.

This relentless reliability is crucial to the success and scalability of Wix’s users which is why it
is at the core of its platform. It’s all built-in, every site on Wix benefits from this industry leading infrastructure. Wix sites get incredible scalability, expanding the limits on how large
and fast they can grow, all out of the box. Wix anticipates your success and automatically
scales your site as you continue to scale.
And there’s no extra setups, installations, or engineering expertise required. There’s zero
maintenance on the user’s end. Wix’s top-level engineers and SRE (Site Reliability
Engineering) experts are fully-responsible for automating and monitoring this infrastructure

99.98% Uptime

In 2021, Wix maintained 99.98% uptime across all its sites. It has been a consistent effort from
Wix’s engineering team to get that number as close to perfect as possible, and this effort
pays off in the high resilience of every Wix site. Wix strives to keep this uptime through their
SLO – Service Level Objective.
Wix’s top priority is ensuring that your site remains stable, even if there’s unexpected traffic
or transaction spikes. And they achieve this by constantly monitoring and enhancing Wix’s
enterprise-grade infrastructure. So you can go viral, become an overnight success, or build
your empire at scale – Wix will handle the load.

Wix maintains full transparency on its system performance and availability by posting realtime status updates.
You’ll find the most up-to-date status information here across all products, such as:
• Site loading times
• Site editing
• Premium services
• Payments
• Multilingual tools
• Customer management tools
• Privacy data

Enterprise-grade Infrastructure

Wix is engineered in a way that far exceeds the expected infrastructure needs of a user’s
site. Sites and businesses on Wix.com are served by four data centers across 3 continents,
transferring and processing data through 20 PoPs, plus over 200 CDN nodes set up across
the globe.

With tens of thousands of servers backing you up, you can fully focus on your business
knowing Wix is investing its time and effort into the infrastructure holding you up.
This global network provides the necessary reassurance needed at an enterprise level.
Even as your business ambitions and goals grow, your sites remain stable, available, and will
scale with you.

Wix’s infrastructure is engineered to put their users’ needs first:

Scalability: Wix automatically scales your site to accommodate your needs, even in
unexpected circumstances such as going viral or landing an overnight success. There’s
no limits to where you can take your business with Wix’s powerful and fully-managed

High Resilience: In 2021, Wix maintained 99.98% uptime and currently processes more
than 3.8 billion requests daily with no strain on the infrastructure. Your site is designed
to flex and handle a huge influx of traffic and transaction spikes, with no effect on its

Built-in Backups: Even fallbacks have fallbacks. There are a few factors at play here.
Firstly, Wix has data centers and backup data centers worldwide. And, when you save
your site, you’re actually saving multiple copies across 20 points of presence which can
load your site lightning fast and act as backups for each other

Fully-managed: Wix’s expert engineers and SRE Team look after it all. The
infrastructure is monitored 24/7, has built-in automatic processes to ensure everything
runs smoothly

Best-in-class technologies: Wix uses multi-cloud hosting to hold, secure, and render
your site across the world in milliseconds. Wix users benefit from four powerful
technologies in one platform, drawing on the strength of AWS, Google Cloud, Fastly,
and Wix’s own data centers.

It’s safe to say, with Wix your site remains resilient, stays available to your visitors, and will
load lightning fast no matter how successful you become.

Automatic Disaster Recovery

Wix has built automatic disaster recovery into its infrastructure.

Wix operates across tens of thousands of servers, running at lightning-fast speeds. So even
in the case of a major global disaster, sites on Wix will be able to recover in a matter of
minutes. But Wix goes one step further – theirs monitoring systems can sometimes predict an
issue before it becomes a problem, and preemptively reroutes traffic to avoid downtime
before it happens.
This transfer of information is made possible by multiple synchronized factors. As
mentioned, the infrastructure leverages a network of over 200 CDN nodes around the
globe, as well as an additional 20 points of presence that hold cached versions of sites on
Wix. Through this network, Wix can redirect traffic across four data centers located across 3
continents and the infrastructure will automatically scale to handle the increase in traffic
By operating at this scale, Wix prevents external outages in a region from becoming a single
point of failure in the system. There are processes in place which monitor the system 24/7,
and Wix is set up to automatically redirect traffic in response to potential problems or
unusual activity, such as traffic or transaction spikes.

Multi-cloud Hosting

By using a multi-cloud hosting approach, every users’ site benefits from the unified power
of AWS, Google Cloud, Fastly, and Wix’s own data centers.

This comes with a range of benefits for your site, improving both its resilience and
performance. With multi-cloud hosting, there’s no single point of failure. On the occasion
that one provider is experiencing difficulties, Wix shifts user data and requirements to a
stable location. With a massive distribution of data centers and tens of thousands of
servers, Wix can do this shift worldwide – resulting in global coverage and support for users.
And while each hosting provider offers a full-service package, Wix cherry-picks from their
best-in-class technologies. This combination of strengths amplifies the performance of Wix’s
platform and infrastructure.
Multi-cloud hosting allows Wix to provide every site with highly-resilient global coverage, it
helps to reduce latency, and can render user data in milliseconds.

Zero User Maintenance

As part of the combined efforts between Wix’s engineers and expert SRE team, their
infrastructure is monitored and consistently enhanced to improve performance,
troubleshoot potential problems, and provide the highest-quality experience to users.
With a dedicated team responsible for maintaining everything behind the scenes, Wix users
can run their business without being concerned about upkeep on site infrastructure.
Wix users have all of this taken care of for them:

• Provisioning hardware and infra-adjustments
• DNS and CDN configuration
• Provisioning SSL certificates
• Database backups
• Ensuring legal and regulatory compliance
• Certification, and international security & privacy compliance
• Configuring and integrating network appliances, load-balancers, auto scaling, email
servers and much more
• Automatic browser compatibility adjustments
• Software upgrades and security patches

Wix Reliability in a Bullet Points

• High Uptime Service Level Objective (SLO)
Wix strives to keep its high uptime and the industry-leading resilience built into the
core of Wix infrastructure helps achieve this goal.
• Automatic Disaster Recovery
When Wix system detects unusual activity, it will proactively shift user traffic to the
nearest stable region. Even in the case of a major global disaster, your business will
be able to recover in a matter of minutes.
Auto Scaling Infrastructure
Wix’s infrastructure proactively auto- scales so there’s no need to worry about your
site stability. Even if there’s a rush of traffic or transactions spike, Wix’s
infrastructure can handle the load.
Multi-cloud Hosting: The unified power of AWS, Google Cloud, Fastly, and Wix’s own
data centers allows to deliver industry-leading reliability on a global scale, using
best-in-class technologies.
Zero Maintenance Windows: Wix maintains its infrastructure without getting in the
way of its users’ businesses.
• Good uptime improves site ranking and benefits of users’ SEO.
No tech skills required: Wix’s expert engineers and SRE team take full responsibility
for maintaining and monitoring the platform’s infrastructure.


Business-forward thinking: Wix platform is built around your specific business needs.
As an extension of your business, and vital to how business is done today, Wix
understands how important site resilience is to your business.

User Benefits

Empowering 250+ million users: Wix.com is built on Wix’s infrastructure –
the platform’s resilience and stability is Wix’s top priority.
High Resilience: Wix maintains 99.98% uptime and processes more than 3.8 billion
requests daily with no strain on the infrastructure.
No Maintenance Windows: Your site is a core part of your business, and Wix will never
interrupt or get in the way of your business being available to clients and customers.
Enterprise-level traffic handling: More than 4 billion requests are processed daily
through Wix sites. To handle this load, Wix’s infrastructure has the ability to reroute and
redirects traffic seamlessly across its network of global data centers.
Viral and unexpected success: All Wix sites can autoscale in response to increased
traffic and transaction spikes, resulting in a consistent visitor experience at all traffic
DDoS Protection: Your site comes with two layers of DDoS protection, keeping you
secure against malicious activity. The first layer blocks bogus traffic, and the second
layer takes care of traffic spikes attempting to overwhelm your site.
Built-in Backups: When users save their site on Wix, the system automatically saves
multiple copies across all Wix’s data centers around the world. Even in the case of a
regional outage, your site remains secure, stable, and available.
24/7 monitoring: Wix’s infrastructure is consistently monitored, troubleshooted, and
evaluated to improve resilience.
Failsafes and troubleshooting: Wix operates with proactive built-in processes to
stress-test the system and detects potential problems before they become an issue.
Expert Engineering Teams: Wix has a dedicated Site Reliability Engineering Team
responsible for maintaining the platform’s infrastructure, and ensuring everything runs
smoothly for Wix users.