Wix Pricing Review

Wix Pricing Review

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Last updated: 07 December 2021
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Wix is a powerful website builder, offering an extensive set of features, possibly the most extensive of all website builders. To learn more about Wix’s features, read our complete Wix review. To understand how much it costs to build and host your website with Wix, check out the following Wix pricing breakdown.

How Much Does Wix Cost?

Wix offers 7 different plans, covering the full spectrum of website building needs, from personal websites to small/medium businesses and large eCommerce sites. The total sum of a Wix plan depends on several factors:

  • The specific premium plan of choice;
  • Whether or not you purchase a domain through Wix and, if you did purchase through Wix, the cost of that domain;
  • The cost of additional premium apps you choose to purchase;
  • In case you decide to use Wix Ascend, the costs of the Ascend plan of your preference
Combo Unlimited Pro VIP Business Basic Business Unlimited Business VIP
Annual Plan $14/mo $18/mo $23/mo $39/mo $23/mo $27/mo $39/mo
Monthly Plan $17.50/mo $20.50/mo $27/mo $38/mo $28/mo $33/mo $43/mo
Domain (1st+ yr free) From $14.95/yr From $14.95/yr From $14.95/yr From $14.95/yr From $14.95/yr From $14.95/yr From $14.95/yr
Annual Cost, from $168 + $14.95/yr $216 + $14.95/yr $276 + $14.95/yr $468 + $14.95/yr $276 + $14.95/yr $324+ $14.95/yr $468+ $14.95/yr
Best for Personal sites Entrepreneurs & freelancers Small business Getting priority support Accepting online payments Growing online stores Full package with all features

Prices exclude VAT.

wix editor

Wix’s Editor

Compare Wix’s Website Plans

Wix provides solutions to build different types of websites, from personal projects to freelancers and small to large businesses. The following table compares Wix’s website plans:


Feature Combo Unlimited Pro VIP
Free Hosting
Google Analytics
Premium Support
Customized Favicon
Price (Annual Plan) $14/mo $18/mo $23/mo $39/mo
Bandwidth 2 GB Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Storage 3 GB 10 GB 20 GB 20 GB
Connect Your Domain
HD Video Upload (minutes) 30 60 120 120
Remove Wix Ads
Free Domain (1 yr)
Ad Vouchers X $300 $300 $300
Site Booster App (value in $) X ✓ ($60) ✓ ($60) ✓ ($60)
Form Builder App (value in $) X ✓ ($48) ✓ ($48) ✓ ($48)
Events Calendar X X ✓ ($48) ✓ ($48)
Professional Logo X X ✓ ($99) ✓ ($99)
Social Media Logo Files X X
Priority Response X X X
VIP Support X X X

Compare Wix’s Business & eCommerce Plans

For larger businesses seeking enhanced features and online sellers looking to build a professional eCommerce website, Wix offers the following plans:


Feature Business Basic Business Unlimited Business VIP
Price (Annual Plan) $23/mo $27/mo $39/mo
Accept Online Payments
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Storage 20 GB 35 GB 50 GB
Connect Your Domain
 HD Video upload (hours) 5 10 Unlimited
Remove Wix Ads
Google Analytics
Free Domain (1 yr)
Ad Vouchers $300 $300 $300
Site Booster App (value in $) ✓ ($60) ✓ ($60) ✓ ($60)
Form Builder App (value in $) ✓ ($48) ✓ ($48) ✓ ($48)
 Professional Logo X ✓ ($99) ✓ ($99)
 Social Media Logo Files X
 Priority Response X X
 VIP Support X X

What is the Difference Between Wix’s Free and Premium Plans

In addition to the premium plans, Wix also offers a free plan. Wix’s free plan is not limited by time, allowing you to really test the platform by building a website, publishing it and even maintaining it for free.


When building your website with a free Wix plan, you will have access to all of the website builder’s basic features, but to really customize your site to its full capacity, you’ll need to upgrade your subscription to one of the paid plans. In addition, the free plan is not suitable for businesses, as your free website will feature Wix advertising and a Wix branded domain.


The difference between the free plan and the paid plans lies in several aspects.


The free plan:

  • Comes with a Wix-branded domain (username.wixsite.com/sitename)
  • Features Wix ads
  • Does not include the option to accept online payments
  • Does not allow integration with Google Analytics
  • Includes a standard, non-customized favicon
  • Offers limited bandwidth
  • Includes limited storage
  • Does not include HD video upload

To connect your own domain (or receive 1 year’s free domain registration) and remove Wix branding, upgrade to a premium plan. Advanced customizations, greater storage space and higher/unlimited bandwidth are available with all premium plans.

Additional Wix Costs

Wix offers several additional add-ons and features to enhance your website or business management that are available to purchase on top of your chosen premium subscription.


Domain Name

All premium plans come with a free domain name for 1 year. The cost of annual domain name renewal after the first year depends on several factors:

  • Type of domain extension
  • A user’s local currency
  • Number of renewal years selected
  • Additional privacy protection
  • Local tax or VAT laws

Domain name renewals generally cost between $10 and $15 per year, after the first free year.


Custom Email Address (Through G Suite)

Before you can add a custom email address to your site, you have to first purchase a custom domain (or connect your Wix site to a previously purchased domain name). When you connect your site and your domain name, you can create a customized email account through G Suite, a Google Cloud solution, which costs $5 per user per month (or $50 per year).


Wix Apps

Wix’s app market offers an enormous variety of apps (integrations and widgets) to enhance the functionality and user experience of your Wix site. Most apps are free or offer a free trial option, with some apps being available in a freemium model, and in limited cases, only a premium version (e.g. Wix Stores app). The costs of premium apps vary per app. Popular Wix Apps include Wix Forum, Pro Gallery, Forms, Events, Comments and more. Check out the top 40 of Wix Apps for small businesses for a complete breakdown on the type of apps available and their pricing.

wix app market

Wix Apps

Email Marketing & Wix Ascend

Wix Email Marketing (previously known as Wix ShoutOuts) enables small businesses to create, send and share newsletters, sales promotions and more, with templates that look great across all devices. With such email marketing tools, Wix makes it easy for businesses to communicate and engage with customers. Email Marketing is free but limited. For users that want more, Wix developed its Ascend product that includes, among many other features, email marketing options.

Wix Ascend is the superlative degree of Wix’s Email Marketing solution: an all-in-one business solution that provides the option to seamlessly interact with and manage your customers while promoting and growing your business. Wix Ascend offers over 15 tools to manage your website and your business, including:

  • Online Chat
  • Forms & Lead Capture
  • Automation & Workflows
  • Invoices
  • Email Marketing
  • Coupons
  • Video Maker
  • SEO Wiz and more

Wix offers three different Ascend plans: Ascend Basic, Ascend Professional, and Ascend Unlimited, that vary in price from $10 to $49 per month.


Feature Ascend Basic Ascend Professional Ascend Unlimited
Price (Annual Plan) $10/mo $24/mo $49/mo
14-day Money Back Guarantee
Add Contributors X 5 Unlimited
Remove Wix Ascend Ads
Lead Capture Forms 50 150 Unlimited
Scheduled Chat Hours
Real-time Customer Details
Chat Automation X
Customizable Forms 5 20 Unlimited
Form Submissions/ Month 1000 5000 Unlimited
Email Marketing Campaigns/ Month 5 20 Unlimited
Emails/ Month 9,500  50,000 1 million
Automation Rules 5 20 Unlimited
Social Post Campaigns/ Month 5 20 Unlimited
Online Payments
Gmail Sync
Facebook Messenger Sync
VIP Support X X

With the option to connect your Ascend plan to the Wix Mobile App, you can manage your business and communicate with customers from your mobile device, while on the go.

Wix Ascend

Wix Ascend – Online chat management

Logo Maker

Wix’s logo maker enables you to design a unique, professional logo for your website, as well as business cards, merchandise, social media and more. A low-resolution version of your logo can be downloaded for free, or purchase high-resolution logo files via one of two formats: ‘Just Logo’ or ‘Logo + Website’. The ‘Just Logo’ packages offer the following specs:


Basic Advanced
Price (One Payment) $49 $99
Full Commercial Usage Rights
Standard Logo Files 8 PNG files in a range of colors 8 PNG files in a range of colors
Resizable Logo Files X 5 SVG files in a range of colors
Social Media Logo Files X 40+ versions of logo for profile & cover images on leading social media networks
Extras X Brand Guide & Logos for:
Website Favicon
Email Signature
App Stores

The ‘Logo + Website’ packages merge one of the above ‘Just Logo’ packages with a Wix website builder plan, as follows:


 Value  Professional  Deluxe
 Price (Annual Plan)  $11/mo  $16/mo  $24/mo
 Wix Logo Plan  Basic  Advanced  Advanced
 Website Builder Plan  Combo  Unlimited  Unlimited
 1 Yr Free Domain  ✓
 Extras  X  X Priority customer support
Professional redesign

wix logo maker

Wix Logo Maker

Payment Methods & Cancellation

Paying for your Wix Account

The following credit cards are accepted when purchasing a Wix plan: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diners, UnionPay (not yet available to all users). The Visa & MasterCard debit card options complete the payment options Wix accepts.


Canceling a Wix Premium Plan

Wix offers a 14-day money-back guarantee on all premium plans. If you wish to cancel your Wix premium plan, note that refunds are only offered if the plan is canceled within the first 14 days of initial purchase. It is important to note the following:

  • Refunds can take up to 20 days
  • If you cancel your premium plan after the first 14 days, it remains active until the end of the subscription period, after which the website address reverts back to a free Wix-branded URL and Wix ads will be shown on the site.
  • When canceling a premium plan, this does not delete the website that was built with that plan. The website can be deleted separately.
  • When you cancel a premium plan this does not affect your domain, mailbox or app subscriptions. These should be canceled separately.
  • You can change from one yearly premium plan to another at any time during your subscription.
  • You can transfer your premium plan to another website within your account.

Which Wix Plan Should I Choose?

Although Wix offers 7 plans to choose from, there is no need to let so many package options overwhelm you. Once you have defined your expectations for your website, it is quite easy to select the best plan for your needs.


The Combo and Unlimited plans are best suited to the following users:

  • Individual users who need a website for a personal project or private event
  • Freelancers who wish to share their work or create an online CV
  • Entrepreneurs just starting to build their business idea

The Pro and VIP website plans offer the best packages for:

  • Small to medium businesses looking to build their online presence
  • Businesses that will engage in online marketing to promote their brand
  • Users who will be making consistent changes to their website, adding new content, needing new features and will require priority Wix support

The Business Basic plan is suited to the types of businesses and websites mentioned above, that also wish to accept online payments through their site. This plan and the following two plans allow you to accept commission-free online payments.


The Business Unlimited and Business VIP plans are best suited to:

  • Larger businesses
  • Growing and established eCommerce brands


Website Plans

Wix Pricing

The price and some plans could be different depending on your location.


Business & eCommerce Plans

Wix Business & eCommerce Plans

The price and some plans could be different depending on your location.


How Does Wix’s Pricing Compare?

Wix’s website builder plans are rather impressive, packed with features and add-ons that any small business or entrepreneur would benefit from. The free plan is also a bonus, allowing users to test a lot of the features and elements that are available in the premium plans, before deciding on the package they wish to purchase.


Wix’s pricing ranges from $4.50 to $49 per month. Some competitors offer a cheaper basic plan or a more expensive eCommerce plan, but in broad terms, Wix’s Premium plans are competitively priced. When considering the range of professionally designed templates available and the abundance of features and apps (many of which are free), Wix’s packages offer great value for money, making the platform affordable for any user, from personal to business or eCommerce.

Free Account X (14 Day Free Trial)
Most Popular Website Plan $19/mo – Pro $18/mo – Business $16.80/mo – Advanced $8/mo – Premium
Most Popular eCommerce Plan $25/mo – Business Unlimited $26/mo – Basic Online Store $22.80/mo – Professional $45/mo – eCommerce