Wix ADI Review

Wix ADI Review

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Last updated: 09 December 2021
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One of the most game-changing developments Wix has introduced in recent years is Wix ADI – short for Wix Artificial Design Intelligence. Wix ADI automatically creates a custom website based on a user’s answers to six simple questions. Based on those answers, the platform generates a complete design layout, including images, elements and even text, which form a unique website in a matter of minutes.


Wix ADI doesn’t stop there: it can also scour the web and social media for relevant content to include on your site and offers an easy-to-use what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) editor to further customize your site.


With ADI, Wix offers users a whole new way of creating a website. In the following review, we’ll take an in-depth look at the AI website builder’s features, the way users can work with the editor, plans and pricing and the pros and cons of working with this tool compared to working with the regular Wix website builder, or any other website builder for that matter.

Getting Started With Wix ADI

After selecting the type of website you want to create, you need to select the platform you want to use to build and edit your site- Wix ADI or Wix’s standard DIY editor.

To learn more about Wix’s DIY editor, read our Wix Review.

Upon selecting Wix ADI, you will be posed with several questions and steps about your business and/or website needs, which assist the ADI in generating the best layout and design for your site. The questions will slightly differ depending on the type of website chosen and can be skipped if you aren’t yet sure what to answer. The following questions were asked after selecting ‘Business’ as the type of website.


Question 1: What kind of business is your website for?
Enter your field of business and the Wix ADI will offer related results enabling you to select the most relevant answer.


Question 2: Does your website need any of these features?
Select additional features such as a booking widget, subscription form and blog. Online Store functionality can also be added to certain sites built with Wix ADI.


Question 3: What is your name or your business name?
Enter your name or your business name.


Question 4: Where is your business located?
Enter your business’s physical location or skip this step if you don’t have an address.


Question 5: Review and edit your info
Here you are asked to add your logo, confirm your business name, email and address as well as phone and fax numbers if relevant. You can also add links to your social media profiles.


Question 5: Pick a theme you like
Choose your preferred theme from the six options Wix ADI presents. The theme can be changed later.


Question 6: Pick your favorite homepage design
The ADI shows three homepage design options. You can either choose your favorite one or skip this step. The design can be customized via the editor at a later stage.



As the main focus of Wix’s ADI is to make it easy to create a website fast, Wix narrows down the design options by presenting you with six themes to choose from. The themes in Wix ADI are responsible for the fonts and colors of your website’s design while the elements, images and text are created automatically based on the information you input during the website setup process.

Wix ADI Themes

This ADI design process is quick and simple, requiring minimal hands-on work on the user’s part. This will come as a breath of fresh air to users who may be overwhelmed by the amount of choice Wix’s DIY editor offers (600+ different templates designs, thousands of elements and requires you to create and add your own text). Another benefit of Wix ADI is that you can change your theme at any time, whereas the Wix DIY editor does not allow you to change the selected templates once you start editing your site.


Once you have chosen your preferred theme and homepage layout, you are taken to the ADI editor where you can customize your website’s design or publish it as is. Changes to your site’s design can be made from the ‘Design’ menu. By clicking ‘Themes’ in the design menu, you will have access to over 100 alternative themes, including the additional five themes presented during the setup. If you select another theme, the color scheme and font will change, but the layout will remain the same.

Wix ADI Theme Selection

To alter the layout of your homepage, visit ‘Design’ > ‘Page Designs’ and select an alternative layout. You can also animate the content on your site, for example, fade-in texts, sliding images and more. No matter the theme you select, you can manually change the fonts and colors, also via the ‘Design’ menu.


The Wix ADI editor is launched together with the automatically generated design, which is sensible for users who want to add their own content to the site, and put their own stamp on the design – no matter how perfect the provided design is.


Although it is more limited than the DIY editor, Wix ADI offers a wide range of customization options and elements that can be added to your site. The ADI editor itself is easy to use, with drag & drop functionality and a WYSIWYG interface – just like the DIY builder.


The main difference between Wix’s ADI and DIY editors is that the DIY editor allows you to drag and drop elements anywhere on a page and edit each element from its position on that page. On the other hand, the ADI works with ‘sections’ that can be moved up or down. Think of the ‘sections’ as building blocks to your page. Each section can be edited by clicking the ‘edit’ or ‘manage’ button at the top left of the section and following the ‘edit’ panel on the left side of your screen.

wix adi editor

With Wix ADI, you can adjust all elements on the pages that were created for you, you can add or delete pages and page sections, add apps, change texts, images, colors and fonts, add buttons – basically everything you see on the page, you can change.


Some of the additional elements that can be added to your Wix ADI site include:


Media Gallery Portfolio Video Player Music Player Events
Products FAQ Clients Quote Subscribe
Price List Schedule CV Tour Dates News

Apps & Integrations

Wix ADI creates your site with the apps selected during setup (such as the bookings app, subscribe app and blog). You can change or add more apps from the editor by clicking ‘Add’ > ‘Apps’ or ‘Manage Apps’. It is important to note Wix ADI offers a limited number of apps (10-20 apps) compared to Wix’s DIY editor (250+ apps). While the apps in the ADI editor should suffice for most websites, you may have to switch to the DIY editor if a specific app you need is not available in the ADI.

wix adi apps

The following Wix Apps are available in Wix ADI:


App Name Description
Chat Chat live with your site visitors. You can also use the Wix Mobile App to chat with users while on the go.
Blog Create blog posts and manage blog categories via the Wix Blog app.
Bookings Allow your users to make online bookings/appointments.
Paid Plans Sell paid subscriptions to your products, services and content.
Music Stream and sell your own music via your Wix site. (No commissions).
Bandsintown Use the Bandsintown app to display tour dates on your site.
Video Upload or add videos from YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook.
Events Create events, manage details, sell tickets and accept RSVPs via the events app.
Single Event Create events, manage details, sell tickets and accept RSVPs for a single event.
Instagram Feed Show pictures and videos from your Instagram profile on your Wix site.
Online Store Sell physical and digital products via your site. For more information on Wix’s eCommerce capabilities, visit our WixStores review.


Wix ADI offers a standard SEO setup, which includes the SEO title, description, and even the Google-ignored keywords. You can make sure your page’s URL will be SEO-friendly, which is an important feature and there is an option to block your pages from Google’s index. For a more advanced SEO setup, you can opt to use Wix’s SEO Wiz step-by-step plan.

wix adi seo

Using this option will once again take you to your Wix Dashboard, because that is where you use the “Get found on Google” feature – you follow the step-by-step procedure Wix designed for optimizing your website’s SEO setup. Conveniently, it opens the dashboard in a new tab, so it doesn’t actually close Wix ADI – you can do the advanced SEO setup and then return to the Wix ADI tab and continue working there.

Customer Support

Wix is known for it’s high level of customer support, and it is interesting to see what they have come up with for the ADI tool. Were you wondering what that little Play button in the bottom right corner is for? It’s actually the first option to check when you’re looking for support, providing you with a handy guide to check the settings of your site, making sure you don’t leave any loose ends.

wix adi support

The toolbox is divided into two separate but related parts. The “What’s Next” part takes you through the site’s “Essentials”, including the preview option, the publish your site feature, and a few more options that relate to the apps that Wix ADI chose to be part of your website’s setup.


The next part addresses the customization option Wix ADI provides, “Customize Your Site”, explaining to you how to change the theme of your site, how to change the color settings of your site, how to switch fonts, and what you need to do to add an animation.


“Design your sections” is the next part, containing explanations of how to change section layouts and how to customize section design.

Wix ADI Support

Clicking these respective options opens up the option to have Wix ADI execute them, or look at an explanation. The ADI Assistant also contains sections that address how to add and edit the content, how to add sections, pages, etc. Finally, it explains how you can connect your domain so that your site can actually be found under your domain name, and it shows you the advanced SEO options that we already discussed in the SEO chapter.


The Wix ADI Assistant is a very convenient tool and users will surely benefit from following the pointers it provides. But, there’s a chance more assistance is necessary.


What other support options does Wix ADI offer its users?

The main menu on top contains a “Help” item. Clicking this will open a pop-up window that offers a searchable database, while by default offering the most popular help topics, which coincidentally are exactly the questions the ADI Assistant addresses.

wix adi help

A simple search provides us with the other option we were after, which is how we can get in touch with Wix ADI. The answer is quite simple:

Wix ADI does not leave its users hanging: you can schedule a phone call with them or submit a support ticket. On top of the available support documentation, this makes for a very complete support section.


With Wix, you don’t have to worry about the hosting side of things: Wix hosts the sites of its users, which leaves you to only take care of the domain part. Even for a free account, you receive free and secure hosting – all it takes is creating your site. Storage and bandwidth allowances grow for each plan. Wix’s most popular plan – ‘Unlimited’ – offers unlimited bandwidth and 10GB storage space.


Your Wix ADI site comes with a free domain (eg. username.wixsite.com/wonderphotography). But if you want something more than a generic domain name, there are several options. If you purchased a domain name before, you can easily connect it to your Wix site in a simple procedure. If you don’t have your domain name yet, you can purchase it through Wix.


Whether you build your site with Wix ADI or the Wix DIY editor, the premium plans’ pricing always stays the same. You can also use Wix ADI when you’re using the free version of the software. Obviously, all premium plans offer more functionality than the free version, and some features you don’t have access to without upgrading your free membership to a premium plan.


Wix organizes its premium plans into two separate groups: Website and Business/ eCommerce.


The Website plans range in price from $11 to $29 per month, the Business plan from $20 to $35 – when you sign up for an annual plan that is. Prices are even cheaper when you register for a two-year subscription period, but are more expensive if you pay by the month.


Below is a breakdown of all of Wix’s premium plans for the different available subscription periods.


Combo Unlimited Pro VIP Business Basic Business Unlimited Business VIP
Monthly $14.50 $17.50 $24 $35 $25 $30 $40
Yearly $11 $14 $19 $29 $20 $25 $35
2 Years $9 $11 $15.50 $26 $17.50 $22 $30
3 Years $8.50 $10 $14 $23.50 $16.50 $20.50 $27.50


Standout Website Pro features (the most popular Website plan) include:

  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • 20 GB storage
  • Connect domain
  • Free domain
  • Remove Wix ads
  • $300 ad vouchers
  • Professional logo

wix pricing


Bottom Line

Find Out If Wix ADI is Right For You

The Wix ADI website builder offers a simple and fast way to generate a website with little effort. Not only does it create a beautifully designed, near-complete, custom website in minutes, it also offers all the necessary tools for further customization.


You just have to make sure you don’t overlook any sections that need adjusting, because the setup looks very complete, even up to content suggestions made by Wix ADI – which in some sections may be generic and need to be altered. For your convenience, the Wix ADI Assistant can help make sure you have covered everything. Wix ADI is a very impressive tool and it may very well be the future of website building.


  • Setting up a website is easy, with a fully functioning website ready in minutes.
  • Absolutely no coding, web development/design or technical skills required.
  • Great additional customization features.


  • A limited number of themes for design compared to the templates in the website builder
  • Easy to overlook sections that need additional unique content
  • Limited access to Wix Apps


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