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Ucraft Review

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Last updated: 26 May 2020
Ease of Use
No. of Templates

Over 60 Responsive Templates


Ucraft is a block-based website builder — ideal for small business websites. Block-based builders are unique, in that websites are built by stacking blocks vertically on top of one another. This creates a neat, and well-organized site that ensures there’s no photo, text box or graphic out of place.


Ucraft’s website builder also enables small business owners to build websites quite quickly.


Websites powered by Ucraft look professional, and because of its ease-of-use, users both novice and advanced should have no challenges navigating its user interface and countless features. Once you’re ready to build your site or landing page – we recommend taking advantage of the free 14-day trial, this way you can explore all of Ucraft’s premium (paid) features.



New users can gain access to their free trial from Ucraft’s homepage, and setup is as simple as one two three. After you choose the kind of page you’d like to create, you’re immediately presented with Ucraft’s diverse bundle of templates.



Since Ucraft is a block-based website builder, creating websites quickly is fairly simple. The website builder has over 60 templates ranging from business to personal, travel and even has the option to add a blog section to your website.


There are ten categories of templates, all of which are highly-creative and a great starting point for any size business:

ucraft templates


Ucraft’s templates are categorized as follows:

Popular Events Blog eCommerce App
Business Personal Health & Care Restaurants Art

One of the major advantages of Ucraft is its ability to swap back and forth between templates without losing valuable content. You will, however, need to make adjustments to headings, fonts and colors – as they do not automatically adjust.


As of now, uploading your own template is not possible, however, a blank template is available.


Users can also create branded landing pages. These are usually made for conversion purposes and for collecting valuable demographic information from visitors. Ucraft landing pages do come with some restrictions, the most prevalent being the Ucraft branding at the bottom right-hand corner of each page.


The Editor


Although Ucraft’s templates are well-designed, changing elements like typography can only be done via its Designer Tool. In terms of what the editor has to offer, it does feel fairly limited, compared to other leading website builders such as Wix.


For example, elements are styled individually in Ucraft. So, if you want to change the color of all of a specific heading, you’d need to use Ucraft’s designer tool. This lets you make adjustments to buttons, headings and more.

ucraft editor


Once you’re in the editor, and ready to customize your site – access Ucraft’s dashboard which lets you manage the following:



Pages: This lets users reach the various pages on their site and edit, “go to,” duplicate and password protect them. Here, you can also customize what your 404-page error message.

Ucraft’s dashboard

From within Ucraft’s editor, you can access various elements to customize your site:


Element Features
Image You can add custom images for free through Unsplash, and add personal images, too.
Image Slider This feature creates a slideshow of personal or stock images.
Gallery Here, you are able to add photos to your site’s gallery and showcase products, photography and more.
Title The Title feature enables you to edit your site’s headings.
Paragraph Write and edit a new paragraph of text on your website.
Video Users can add embed videos from YouTube, Vimeo or add as a block background.
Icon There are over 200k icons in Ucraft’s library to assist in creating your site’s logo.
Logo Users can create their own logo with Ucraft’s logo maker.
Button You can add custom buttons with CTAs such as “click here to sign up”
User Account This lets visitors register or log-in to a private area on your website.


For example, typography is a key feature, which can only be refined via its Design Tool. Through Ucraft’s UI Kit, users can add buttons, and get access to editing the following elements:

  • Distance between elements
  • Distance between blocks in mobile
  • Distance between columns in mobile
  • Distance between elements in mobile
  • You can also access typography
  • Layout
  • Gutter
  • Distance between blocks
  • Headings
  • Colors

Media: From the media section, you can drag and drop files images you own or have purchased, or browse through free stock images with Unsplash.


Ucraft’s media

SEO: Under the SEO tab, you can make optimizations to each main and secondary page of your site. You are given the option to title your page, add a description, leave instructions to index, label links as follow or no-follow links.

Ucraft’s SEO tool

Domain: Under Domain, you can connect an already-existing domain or use a Ucraft branded domain free of charge. You can also purchase a domain, which we will touch on a bit later.


Team: Here, you can invite other members of your team to collaborate on the site with you.


Logo Maker: This is by far one of its coolest features – and it is free! There’s also no shortage of icons either, as Ucraft has over 200k to choose from in its library.


Ucraft’s logo maker

Site Settings: Under Site Settings, users can edit their website’s name, language, put in a logo, insert code in the header, footer and body of the site.


Ucraft’s site settings

Articles: This is where you can manage the blog portion of your site. You can categorize, add new and manage current blogs/promotions.


Ucraft’s articles


Templates: You can change or reset your current template from this section.


Integrations: You can access third-party integrations like Intercom, ZenDesk Chat, HotJar, Google Analytics, Hello Bar, Disqus and more.


Languages: Users can add multiple languages to their site using the ‘Language App.’ The app allows you to duplicate pages and with the simple click of a mouse, and have the pages translated to, let’s say, Spanish or Russian.


Fonts: This section offers an integration with Google Fonts, so user can find the perfect font straight from the builder.


eCommerce: Here, you’ll find a fully integrated eCommerce App in the editor. You can add products, verify geographical settings, set up shipping and manage payments through the system.


One of the biggest benefits of Ucraft is no transaction fees on all premium plans. Fees per individual transaction can get pricey, so this will undoubtedly save users a lot of money in the long-run.

ucraft ecommerce




Currently, any and all mobile optimizations must be made from within Ucraft’s main editor, as there is no editor specific to making adjustments for mobile devices, tablets, etc.


Ucraft’s developers are currently making a mobile editor, which will make editing for mobile more streamlined. We will be sure to notify you once this feature rolls out!


There are a few customizations you can make from within the main editor that will have bearing on your site’s mobile view:

  • Distance between blocks in mobile
  • Distance between columns in mobile
  • Distance between elements in mobile



Ucraft mobile

Ucraft Apps/Tools


Landing Page Builder

From the landing page builder, users have the choice of nine categories of templates ranging from business to app. There, you can build a free (Ucraft branded) landing page or personal branding page.


Free Logo Maker

From within the logo maker, you have an immense amount of icons to choose from. You can change elements such as font and color.


Designer Tools

Likely Ucraft’s most important tool – it enables you to best optimize your site. The tool offers control over nearly every element of your website, and being able to make adjustments to things like color, typography, placing text, etc. when you need it most.


Articles App

This app lets you write and publish blog posts, create tags and categories as well.



Ucraft’s SEO App enables users to optimize pages for popular search engines like Google. This allows them to add ALT text, page descriptions to each individual page and make modifications to a host of other features.




Ucraft support = wow, just wow. We can say with certainty that its online chat support, which can be accessed through nearly any page on the site, is simply lightning-fast and reliable. The best part is, its 24/7. In our experience with Ucraft, we turned to its live chat feature several times, and each time our issues were resolved within a matter of minutes.


Its online support taps the CRM power of Intercom to quickly provide answers from knowledgeable agents. Email support is also available, and a Q&A section. For email support, it only takes a few hours in most cases to receive a reply.


There is no phone support.

ucraft support




Through the Domain App (which can be accessed through Ucraft’s dashboard), users can change the name of their subdomain, purchase a new one or connect an old one free of charge.


Ucraft’s domain app


Ucraft domain names are provided by Namecheap, but can be purchased from whichever provider you choose. As a result, domains will all vary in price and can cost anywhere from a few dollars to $20. If the domain you’re looking for is not available, Ucraft will present you with a number of other similar options with like pricing.


The great thing is, Ucraft offers free website hosting, through Google Cloud Hosting. This means backups, and faster site loading speeds – a major plus.



Ucraft offers a free plan as well as three premium plans starting at $10/month. This includes hosting, 24/7 support, access to the website builder and more.


Ucraft’s monthly plans can be seen detailed below:


Plan Term Price
Free Website Monthly Free
Pro Website
Monthly $10/mo
Pro Shop Monthly $21/mo
BigCommerce Monthly $39/mo


Premium plans include a free custom domain name, no Ucraft branding, on-site search, 0% transaction fee on sales and a range of customizable elements and effects. A 14-day free trial is available, enabling you to test the features of Ucraft’s website builder before purchasing a subscription.


Ucraft’s free plan also allows you to test out the platform for an unlimited time, but note that sites published on the free plan include:

  • Ucraft branding
  • Either a Ucraft branded domain or add a custom domain for an extra fee
  • Access to only basic editable elements such as images, title and paragraph text, logo and button
  • No eCommerce capabilities



Feature Yes/No Details
Google Analytics Yes Built-in Integration (Dashboard > Integrations > Google Analytics)
Social Media Profile Yes Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, TripAdviser, Youtube, Vimeo, Dribble, Behance, SoundCLoud, VK, Telegram, GitHub, Medium
Social Media Share Buttons Yes Facebook, Twitter, Google +,  LinkedIn, Pinterest, VK
Mailbox No Not available, however, website visitors can contact you if you create a form but responses are handled through your personal email account or MailChimp
CRM Yes ZenDesk
MailChimp Yes You can receive emails to MailChimp, Google Sheets or your personal email
3rd Party Reviews Yes Can be accessed from Ucraft’s homepage
Tracking Tools Yes HotJar
Music Yes SoundCloud
Video Yes YouTube, Vimeo
PayPal Yes Users can accept payments via PayPal for items sold through their site’s online marketplace.
Disqus Yes Comments Widget
Eventbrite Yes Event management and ticketing widget
Calendly Yes Scheduling and booking widget
Typeform Yes Online form building and online surveys widget


Websites Built with Ucraft

Bottom Line

Find Out If Ucraft is Right For Your Business

If you are looking for a website for personal branding, Ucraft is a great tool. Overall, its templates are few but quite professional looking and easy to manipulate. If you want to make changes to text, colors of text boxes, etc, you need to purchase its advanced editing tool for a monthly fee of $2.99, which is typically a feature offered for free. On the plus side, Ucraft does have a really nice free SEO App that will allow users to make proper optimizations to their website. Lastly, there are not a ton of buy-ups, which is also a plus, but there are a few along the way, and the ones that appear are likely ones you’ll need.


  • Good for simple website building needs with all the basic elements and design options included
  • Includes additional tools such as a logo maker and landing page builder
  • Free stock image access


  • The editor works with blocks of content, so you edit and move sections of the page, rather than individual elements as you would a typical drag & drop website builder
  • Difficult to make mobile optimizations
  • Limited amount of templates