Squarespace Pricing Review

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Squarespace Pricing Review

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Last updated: 22 November 2020
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Squarespace, an all-in-one website building platform, provides users with a great set of tools to build their online presence, whether it’s a professional website, a portfolio, or an online store. You can find out more about the popular website builder in our in-depth Squarespace Review. To better understand the costs of building and hosting your website with Squarespace, continue reading the following breakdown of Squarespace’s pricing.

How Much Does Squarespace Cost?

Squarespace offers 4 plans, charged either on an annual or monthly basis. Squarespace advertises its pricing per month; the cost-per-month is cheaper when an annual plan is purchased (as opposed to a monthly plan). The total sum of a Squarespace plan depends on several factors:

  • The specific plan of choice
  • Whether or not you purchase a custom domain through Squarespace and, if you do, the cost of that domain after the first free year

The following table offers a quick breakdown of Squarespace’s pricing, per plan:


Personal Business Basic Store Advanced Store
Annual Plan $12/mo $18/mo $26/mo $40/mo
Monthly Plan $16/mo $26/mo $30/mo $46/mo
Domain (after 1st free yr) $20+/yr $20+/yr $20+/yr $20+/yr
Annual Cost, from $144 + $20/yr $216 + $20/yr $312 + $20/yr $480 + $20/yr
Best for Personal Sites SMBs Accepting online payments Growing online stores
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Compare Squarespace’s Website Plans

Squarespace offers two price points for its website builder plans: one for personal use and one for businesses of any size. The website builder offers a 14-day free trial with full access to all features. Once you’re ready to sign up, choose the plan that best suits your website’s needs.


Squarespace’s Personal and Business packages are priced as follows:


Feature Personal Business
Price (annually) $12/mo $18/mo
Price (monthly) $16/mo $26/mo
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
Storage Unlimited Unlimited
Website Metrics
SSL Security Included Included
24/7 Customer Support
Free Custom Domain (1 yr) ✓  (with annual purchase) ✓  (with annual purchase)
Contributors Max 2 Unlimited
Gmail Pro incl G Suite (1 user, 1 yr) X
Google Ads Credit X $100
Promotional Pop-Ups X
Fully Integrated E-Commerce X
Sell Unlimited Products X
Accept Donations X
Transaction Fee n/a 3%
Mobile Information Bar X
Customization (CSS & JavaScript) X
Premium Blocks & Integrations X
Announcement Bar X


Compare Squarespace’s eCommerce Plans

The Basic and Advanced online store plans are priced at a higher price-point, packed with a host of eCommerce features to power your online store:


Feature Basic Advanced
Price (annually) $26/mo $40/mo
Price (monthly) $30/mo $46/mo
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
Storage Unlimited Unlimited
Mobile-Optimized Website and Checkout
Free Custom Domain (1 yr) ✓  (with annual purchase) ✓  (with annual purchase)
Powerful Commerce Metrics
SSL Security Included Included
24/7 Customer Support
Free Custom Domain (1 yr) Y (with annual purchase) Y (with annual purchase)
Contributors Unlimited Unlimited
Inventory, Order, Tax, Coupons
Label Printing (ShipStation)
Integrated Accounting (Xero)
Checkout on Your Domain
Customer Accounts
Products on Instagram
Transaction Fees None None
Subscriptions X
Abandoned Cart Autorecovery X
Advanced Shipping X
Flexible Discounts X
Gift Cards X
Orders API X


Additional Squarespace Costs

When building your website with Squarespace, some add ons or features need to be purchased as an addition to your premium subscription.


Domain Name

All annual Squarespace plans include a free domain name for 1 year. After the first year, domain renewal for a domain purchased via Squarespace costs $20 per year for common domain extensions (eg. .com/.net/.org) and approximately $20-$70 for custom domain extensions (eg. .media/.host/.graphics).


Custom Email Address (Through G Suite)

You can purchase email accounts via G Suite (Gmail) for your Squarespace website or online store domain. Google Calendar, Google Drive (including, Google Docs, Sheets etc.), and other Google apps are automatically part of such accounts. You have to meet a few conditions if you want to sign up for G Suite from your Squarespace account:

  • Your website (trial site, paid site, or parking page) should be running on Squarespace 7.
  • You’re using a custom domain name for your site, purchased either through Squarespace or a third-party.
  • You’re living in a country that is on Squarespace’s list of supported countries.
  • Your domain can’t have an existing G Suite or legacy Google Apps account connected to it.
  • You can only have one G Suite account per domain.

G Suite follows a standard pricing pattern, with the total amount depending on the number of users, or email addresses. The costs per user are $5 per month, or $50 per year when paid annually. Besides the G Suite features previously described, users will get 30GB of storage with their subscription, regardless of the chosen billing cycle.


Squarespace Apps

Squarespace offers several apps and integrations that enable users to enhance the functionality of their website or online store. These apps and integrations are a premium feature and as such are only available as part of the Business plan and eCommerce plans – not the Personal plan. If you purchased the Personal plan and want to use these specific apps or integrations, you can upgrade to another plan. The apps themselves do not charge Squarespace users an additional fee – you automatically have access to the apps and integrations as part of your premium plan.


Such integrations include Acuity Scheduling, OpenTable, Apple Pay and more. The following integrations are available on Business and eCommerce Plans:


Squarespace Logo Maker

Squarespace offers a custom logo maker, enabling you to design your own website’s logo in a matter of minutes. Enter your business name and select an icon, customize colors and preview your logo for your website, business cards, merchandise and more. Two versions of your final logo are available for download:

  • Low Resolution: 360x400px, PNG file format, watermarked, for non-commercial use. Free download.
  • High Resolution: Up to 5000x5000px, PNG file format. Free for Squarespace customers, or $10 one-time payment.

squarespace logo maker

Squarespace’s logo maker

Payment Methods & Cancellation

To pay for your Squarespace subscription, you can use any of the following debit and credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, JCB and Diners Club. If you want to cancel your Squarespace subscription, you can do so at any time, via one of two ways:


Cancel your subscription and take your site offline with immediate effect.

  • In the Home menu, click Settings > Billing & Account > Billing.
  • Under Subscriptions, click your site’s subscription plan (Website or Commerce).
  • Click Cancel [Website/ Store] Subscription. This will take your site offline.
  • You can inform Squarespace of the reason for your cancellation, but this is not a requirement.

Disable the auto-renew option and let your site expire after your subscription period ends.

  • In the Home menu, click Settings > Billing & Account > Billing.
  • Under Subscriptions, click your site’s subscription plan (Website or Commerce).
  • Uncheck the Auto-Renew option.
  • Click Save.

Canceling your subscription does not cancel any other services you may have running (G Suite, Squarespace Domain) – you need to cancel those separately.

Which Squarespace Plan Should I Choose?

Squarespace offers four plans (two website plans, two online store plans) that vary in price between $12 and $40 per month. The cheapest option, the Personal Website plan, is the most basic plan offered, and it does not include a lot of the options that the other plans offer (such as Squarespace integrations & a G Suite account). The Personal plan is best suited to personal websites, such as sites built for a wedding invitation or a CV.


For small to medium businesses, we recommend Squarespace’s Business plan, at $18/mo on an annual plan, as it offers the best all-around value for non-commerce businesses. As explained above, the Business plan includes all of the ‘basics’ such as a mobile-optimized website, unlimited bandwidth/storage and SSL security, but also includes features necessary for businesses to successfully create and manage a website:

  • Unlimited contributors
  • 1-year free subscription to Google G Suite
  • Full suite of eCommerce tools (note: the Business plan includes a 3% transaction fee per sale)
  • Accept donations
  • Customization through CSS & JS
  • Premium integrations

Online sellers who are launching a new store will benefit from Squarespace’s Basic plan, which includes all the features of the Business plan, plus no transaction fees, inventory, orders and tax management, label printing and customer accounts.


For larger online stores and businesses growing at a fast rate, we recommend selecting the Advanced online store plan, as it offers the following additional features, crucial to large, successful eCommerce sites:

  • Abandoned cart auto recovery
  • Flexible discounts
  • Gift cards
  • Advanced shipping
  • Orders API
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How Does Squarespace’s Pricing Compare?

Squarespace’s Business Plan is fairly priced given the features included and matches closely in value to the more advanced business plans offered by leading competitors such as Wix. In terms of the website builder’s eCommerce packages, they are slightly more expensive than those of their competitors. That being said, Squarespace offers one of the more advanced website builders on the market, with advanced eCommerce capabilities, providing great value for money on all plans.


Squarespace Wix Site123 WordPress.com
Free Account  (Free Trial)
Most Popular Website Plan (Annual) $18/mo – Business $19/mo – Pro $16.80/mo – Advanced $8/mo – WordPress.com
Most Popular eCommerce Plan (Annual) $40/mo – Basic Online Store $25/mo – Business Unlimited $22.80/mo – Professional $45/mo – eCommerce