Novi Review

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Novi Review

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Last updated: 26 May 2020
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Novi is an innovative, effortless solution for website building. It doesn’t matter how tech-savvy you are. This simple, affordable and easy to use platform suits both users of all capabilities, from non-techies to advanced web developers.


With Novi, you can create a visually appealing online presence for your business. This constructor is packed with multiple smartly crafted templates and the editor offers a number of premium features. In addition to an incredibly clean interface, the builder boasts a handy drag & drop design.


Watch this 2 minute demonstration to see how to use the Novi website builder:




Novi Builder offers a range of ready-made, professionaly designed templates. Thus, you don’t need to create a website from scratch because there are tons of amazing HTML templates included. Users will be able to run their own website or create unlimited online projects for their clients. Novi offers more than 40 feature-rich HTML editor templates with open-source code.

Novi Builder Templates

Novi Builder Templates have been designed for the following business niches:

Finance Business Consulting Startup SEO/Advertising/Marketing Construction
Real Estate Non-profit Law Medical Organizations Car Repair
Education Interior Design Food

Templates can be quickly uploaded to the platform via FTP or file manager. The templates are available in two formats:

  • HTML code
  • Novi editor  (a what-you-see-is-what-you-get -WYSIWYG editor)

Novi Builder’s templates also come with technical documentation to guide you and premium plans include access to an extended package of plugins, options, updates and more.


The powerful editor comes with a set of useful features and easy to use elements, streamlining the process of website creation. In addition, Novi is unique as it’s platform can be implemented onto existing HTML sites, enabling you to edit the source code of a site not originally built with Novi.


To design your website via Novi’s editor, start with some important aspects:

  • Page Manager: a handy, flexible, and intuitive panel allowing you to add, switch, delete and duplicate web pages.
  • Page Settings: applied to the page with the opened visual editor provides a website owner with multiple page settings like editing page/file name, metadata, uploading a favicon, etc.
  • Editor Design Mode: with a click, you can switch between a ready-to-use template and your own code. It’s easy to turn from design to edit mode and vice versa. Whichever option you choose, working with any mode is easy thanks to the intuitive, feature-rich dashboard.
  • Simple Edit Mode: this setting will come in handy especially for non-techies. To start working with this mode, you will need to pick the appropriate template. The mode features drag & drop functionality and a clear control panel which includes all the buttons to edit the template: upload images, add/delete blocks and other elements, duplicate layers, add links, edit galleries, etc. Each and every action can be made intuitively without effort.
  • Preview Mode: allows a user to watch the results of his modifications prior to going online. This amazing capability gives a unique chance to take a well-argued decision on any crucial change on the site and improve it on the go.
  • Advanced Page Manager: provides with the ability to design a new webpage. With a click, you will be able to access any page you’ve created. This user-friendly context-based option allows you to perform changes via various settings of the desired page, replace or delete its elements effortless.
  • Text Editor: will help you make your content more eye-pleasing and readable. You will be able to change font, spacing, size, color, and other typography elements. Thanks to the rich set of text editing functionality, it’s possible to adjust content to your personal preferences and business needs.
  • Media Library: is full of all the graphics files used in the chosen template. With this tool, you can easily make any action with images and video – add, crop, reduce, delete, etc.

Novi Builder Editor

Additional Novi Builder Features:


Feature Details
Drag & drop concept No effort, no wasting time. Just select an object by grabbing it and dragging to the desired place
The possibility to tweak HTML, CSS, JS code With Novi IDE code you won’t have difficulty tweaking the code you need
Free access to plugins You won’t need to pay extra money for add-ons
Free HTML templates for all occasions The rich collections of ready-to-use templates for any business niche
Responsive templates Your website will flow impeccably on smaller screens as well
WYSIWYG editing functionality It simplifies working with the code since you can watch what you’re doing



Though Novi Builder is a relatively new HTML website builder, it offers quality support and competent help at any stage of the website building process:

  • Firstly, customers can take advantage of comprehensive documentation available on the website.
  • It’s possible to submit a ticket if you need competent help.
  • You can also address the Novi Community where you will be able to find a lot of tips, tutorials, and other info suitable for beginners and advanced webmasters.

novi support

Note live chat support is not offered by Novi Builder.



Novi is an affordable website building product. If you join the Novi Community, you can choose one of the following plans:

  • Startup: $29/year
  • Advanced: $49/year
  • Developer: $149/year

Each plan includes the following features:

novi builder pricing

Bottom Line

Find Out If Novi is Right For You

Novi Builder is an innovative platform, merging the worlds of HTML with a WYSIWYG, easy-to-use editor. Like any other builder, it has pros and cons, however, its rich functionality and intuitive interface are worth your attention.


  • Mixing HTML code with a WYSIWYG editor for easy website building
  • Free access to plugins


  • No live chat support
  • Better suited to users with some technical/development knowledge