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Last updated: 12 March 2019
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Founded in 2007, Jimdo offers website, store and blog building services. With over 20 million sites to date – Jimdo has quickly become an important player in the website builder space.


Where the platform excels, is building sites for entrepreneurs, small business owners, musicians, photographers, offering a platform designed to accommodate both the artistic and analytical-minded. Another key feature of Jimdo is its online store, there are some, 200,000 shops that have been created and are still managed with the platform.


Similarly to Wix, with the release of its ADI, Jimdo has the capability of building a website based on users answering a few simple questions. This is done with the assistance of Artificial Design Intelligence technology which uses AI to quickly and create a professional-looking website.


The below review will, however, focus on Jimdo’s traditional drag-and-drop style editor.


One of the first things we should mention about Jimdo’s templates is in reference to look. Each of its templates is modern looking and very customizable. They are designed for a business owner who wants something a bit more avant-garde as well as highly functional.


The website builder’s templates are not only great-looking, they don’t come with a huge learning curve. Jimdo offers some 40 templates and the ability to create 100 variations of templates from its template editor.


Each Jimdo template is split into 4 main categories:

  • Business
  • Personal
  • Portfolio
  • Store

When you select your template in the template editor, you can pick ‘Variations.’ Choosing this option will lead you to a slightly different version of your original template.

Jimdo’s templates

For assistance with selecting a template, Jimdo created its Template Filter, enabling you to narrow your search based on how you’d like the header, navigation, content area, sidebar down to responsiveness of the site’s look and function.

Jimdo’s themes

If you prefer to build your site using HTML and CSS code, you can do so. Users can also create their site from a blank template through Jimdo’s custom template builder, located in the editor section under ‘Design; Advanced; Custom Template.’

Changing templates with Jimdo is a pain-free process, as you can swap templates at any time without losing any valuable content.

The Editor

One particularly standout feature of the website builder is its ability to create a website after users answer a few simple questions. You can compare this to the likes of Wix ADI. Similarly to Wix’s Artificial Design Intelligence, Jimdo Dolphin enables users to have a personalized website built in a matter of minutes.


In fact, you are immediately given two options upon declaring that you’d like to build a new website. For the purposes of our review, we’ve chosen to build a website using a pre-designed template in order to showcase Jimdo’s features and capabilities.

Jimdo’s editor

After choosing the second option ‘Make your own website with Jimdo creator,’ you will be taken to Jimdo’s drag-and-drop editor to begin building your brand new site.


When you enter Jimdo’s editor you will have access to editing a number of important elements of your site. Those elements include, but are not limited to:


Template: Make customizations to your template form the editor, and choose from multiple variations of your template to update your site’s look.
Header: Your header is located at the top of your website and is usually where your company logo is placed, along with the company name.
Navigation: Change the text and style in your navigation menu. The elements of style you can update include: breadcrumbs, drop-down, slide-in and normal. The navigation menu can also be changed so that it is horizontal or vertical.
Content Area: This is the bread and butter of your website, and where you’ll find the majority of your site’s content. Add/remove links, photos, text and more.
Sidebar: Your sidebar that you can add elements such as quick links to important dates, content and more. Despite its name, the sidebar can be located on the left, and right-hand side and the bottom as well.
Footer: Add/remove footer links (links at the bottom of your site) and hide login links. If you have an online store, place other important links such as links to product pages and special offers.

Jimdo’s drag-and-drop editorJimdo’s footer

TextAdd text boxes, change the color of and link text, decide on alignment and elements such as bolding, and editing code directly.
ImagesUpload and edit images from your computer, add links, tags, social share buttons and enable ‘enlarge image’ option. Jimdo does not offer access to stock images.
SlideshowCreate a custom slideshow and control speed, style, enable a lightbox, setup autoplay, a thumbnail preview or place a ‘Share to Pinterest’ button on your site.
VideoThrough YouTube, Vimeo, MyVideo, DailyMotion, Blip, Sevenload, Metacafe, Clipfish, Veoh, RuTube and Tudou, upload videos for site visitors.
Contact ToolUsing the ‘Form Element,’ Jimdo users can collect important contact information from site visitors like name, email, phone number and other geographic details. You can even add pop-up forms.
 MusicSoundcloud allows users to upload and embed audio on their site via Soundcloud.

Jimdo users can also upload music from:

  • HearThis
  • PodSnack
  • BandCamp
  • Tindeck
  • 8Tracks
  • Spotify
ListOptimize on-site SEO and add tracking parameters from Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics and control URL redirects.
LightboxEnable the lightbox feature, which is a design element that displays images and videos in full-screen mode and dims the rest of the webpage.
Jimdo DolphinAutomatically creates a website by answering a few questions about your business.


Each of Jimdo’s templates is mobile responsive and can be viewed in both standard and the mobile view from the editor section.

Blog Editor

Adding a blog to your Jimdo site can be accomplished from the editor by clicking ‘Blog.’ After this, you can activate your blog and add new posts. Each new post is automatically given a title, date, author name and a comment field. All other elements can be added by clicking ‘Add Elements.’


You will also have the option to:

  • Categorize your blog
  • Date your blog
  • Add a preview image
  • Include a summary
  • Publish and unpublish


On the advanced side of editing, users can edit the ending of their blog URLs, add meta tags, enable/disable comments and allow share buttons.

Jimdo’s blog editor



Sell products, both physical and digital when you set up a Jimdo store. From the Store editor, add and arrange products, create product pages, store catalogs and connect PayPal and Stripe accounts to accept payment. From your store you can take the following additional actions:


  • Create discount codes
  • Customize shipping costs
  • Track inventory

This can all be managed from Jimdo’s Mobile App as well.

Jimdo's store

Mobile Editor

Since each of Jimdo’s templates is mobile responsive, the platform does not offer a mobile editor.


This feature is often hit-or-miss in many cases, as some website builders claim their templates are mobile responsive, yet you still end up spending time making optimizations. Jimdo’s mobile responsive templates are the exact opposite and do a great job at adapting to mobile devices and tablets.


Take a look for yourself.

Jimdo’s mobile editor

Jimdo Mobile Apps

With Jimdo’s free iOS app, build, edit and monitor your website while on the go. You can also edit elements of your website on your iPhone or iPad such as photos, text, galleries, pages and blog posts.


Jimdo Mobile App

With Jimdo’s free iOS app, build, edit and monitor your website while on the go. You can also edit elements of your website on your iPhone or iPad such as photos, text, galleries, pages and blog posts.

Jimdo Mobile App


Jimdo Live Chat for Android

Currently in beta, Jimdo’s Live Chat App for Android users, lets you start a free live chat with your site visitors directly from your phone. The app even enables you to customize the color of the chat interface to resemble your website’s color scheme.

Jimdo Live Chat for Android


Analytics App

Available for iOS users, keep tabs on site analytics by viewing traffic information and setting up personalized dashboards that provide insight into new and returning visitors, which pages on your site are most popular. Jimdo’s Analytics App does integrate with Google Analytics.

Jimdo Analytics App


Jimdo’s insightful Support Center, offers various ways to learn how to use the website builder and to take full advantage of its features. There, find FAQs, submit a ticket and a multitude of information on accounts, blogging SEO, domains and more. You can find this information in the form of helpful videos, blog posts and how-to guides.

Jimdo’s Support Center



With the purchase of any Jimdo plan, users receive a free domain for the first year. If you’ve previously purchased a domain, you can connect that to your Jimdo site free of charge. All Jimdo websites include hosting services.

There are some stipulations as to which domains are available for free, so here’s a table that showcases all of the domains included:




After taking advantage of a free domain for an entire year, there is a $20 fee for renewal for each year.


Jimdo offers four plans ranging from $9/mo to $39/mo. Each plan includes the below base features, and the higher the plan you choose, the more features you gain access to.

For a complete breakdown of Jimdo costs, read our Jimdo pricing review.

Jimdo's pricing

Jimdo also has a free account that includes:


  • A free Jimdo subdomain
  • 500MB of storage
  • 2GB of bandwidth
  • 5 website pages
  • HTTPS encryption

Free account users can also access Jimdo’s library of templates, add videos, blogs and access Jimdo’s basic features. You do have to upgrade to a premium account if you want to create a custom domain, and not use a Jimdo-branded domain.


We’ll quickly examine Jimdo’s best seller, it’s ‘Grow’ plan. For $15/mo — users can:


  • Create password-protected areas
  • Enjoy 15GB storage and 20GB bandwidth
  • Access professional-looking templates
  • Enable HTTPS encryption
  • Create photo galleries
  • Make contact forms
  • Make files available for download
  • Earn a free domain for a year

In terms of support, Jimdo’s Unlimited account include Premium Support. The unlimited account also includes unlimited bandwidth and storage space.


You can pay for your Jimdo site using:


  • American Express
  • Master Card
  • PayPal
  • Visa


Jimdo offers integrations in everything from photo and video production with Animoto to infographic design apps with inforgr.am and banner creation with bandcamp.

The following table lists some of Jimdo’s other key integrations:

Google Analytics YesImplement Google Analytics tracking in order to collect site statistics such as page visits, bounce rate, and referral traffic.
Social Media Share Buttons YesGive website visitors the option to share on Facebook, email, Reddit, Twitter, Eventbrite, LinkedIn and a number of other social media platforms.
MailboxYesOn Pro, Business and Platinum accounts, users can create email accounts that match your domain.
MailChimp Yes This service enables you to send an email newsletter to contacts collected on your Jimdo site
3rd Party ReviewsYes Through Spectoos, enable testimonials and reviews to show on your site.
Tracking ToolsNo
Music YesJimdo users can upload music from:

  • SoundCloud
  • HearThis
  • PodSnack
  • BandCamp
  • Tindeck
  • 8Tracks
  • Spotify
Video YesJimdo enables you to add videos from the following sources:

  • YouTube
  • Vimeo
  • MyVideo
  • DailyMotion
  • Blip
  • Sevenload
  • Metacafe
  • Clipfish
  • Veoh
  • RuTube
  • Tudou
PayPal YesAccept payments via PayPal, directly from your Jimdo site.

Future Considerations

If you are looking for a website builder with templates that can be built from the ground up — Jimbo is the website builder for you. There are also a ton of other features that set the website builder apart from others. For one, you can change your template at any point without losing important content.


On the other hand, on the off chance things go awry, and content is not backed up, nor is important data such as emails, etc., this could mean bad news. As a response to this, Jimdo offers integrations for migrating large sums of data to your designated cloud storage area for added security.


You should also consider that there is no phone or live support and the minimum amount of time it will take to receive a response, even for the most pressing of issues, is a few hours.

Websites Built with Jimdo

Bottom Line

Find Out if Jimdo is Right For Your Business

Overall, the platform is intuitive and built so simply that anyone, even those with zero experience in building websites, can build a beautiful site in a matter of hours. If you are a small to a medium-sized business owner looking to take your business online or even update a clunky old website – know that Jimdo is a great option. This is based on a number of criteria such as price, features, integrations and overall ease-of-use.


  • Easy-to-navigate drag-&-drop editor
  • Access and edit HTML and CSS code directly from the Jimdo editor
  • Change your template at any time without losing content


  • No phone or live chat customer support
  • Very limited template selection
  • No CRM tools or integrations


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