Top 40 Wix Apps For Small Business Websites

Top 40 Wix Apps for Your Small Business Website

There’s a common misconception that you are limited in customization abilities when using a website builder. This is not the case, as website builders like Wix actually encourage you to customize your website as much as possible. This is done mostly through the implementation of Wix Apps, which help overcome the hurdle of feeling limited in tools when building a business website.


Wix Apps offer business owners ADDED flexibility and customization in terms of their website’s features, capabilities and the way users interact with their site. The website builder’s over 250 apps cross a variety of business verticals, and are designed to take a standard website from a brochure-style or one-page website to a technologically advanced, highly functional site.


If you’re wondering what to use Wix Apps for, you can build a site users can engage with and enrich it with functions for booking/reservations, commenting, subscribing, selling and more.


With so many apps to choose from, selecting the right ones for your website might seem overwhelming. But never fear, our team at WebCreate has selected the top 40 Wix apps for business websites and grouped them into the following categories: Small Business, eCommerce, Photography, Hotels, and Restaurants.


How did we choose the top 40 apps, you ask? Well, it wasn’t easy! But we collated the following list based on our team’s experience building Wix websites as well as customer reviews for each app. In this post, we’ll highlight the main features of these Wix apps and how your site will benefit from them.


Want to learn about the full capabilities of the popular website builder? Read our comprehensive Wix Review.

Wix Apps for Small Business Websites


Wix actually has a number of dedicated apps designed to fill the gaps in tasks small business owners may not otherwise have the resources to perform. For example, building a subscriber list, running ad campaigns and managing bookings are all apps offered by Wix.


This brings a whole new level of freedom to the table, and by implementing the use of some or all of the below business-related apps, business owners just might be able to reclaim newfound freedom. What does this mean? More time sitting back and focusing on developing your business and less time managing multiple platforms just to perform simple actions like providing a map of where your business is located or collecting contact details of potential leads.


1. Wix Get Subscribers

User Rating: 4/5 stars
Downloads: 1,630,334
Price: Free
Best For: This app helps business owners grow their subscriber list with customized signup boxes.


Wix Get Subscribers enables business owners to grow their subscriber list with personalized signup boxes, thank you messages, and matching colors on signup forms to their website’s branding. The app lets you customize fonts, form fields and settings/layouts.


Gain access to unlimited subscriptions, which essentially lets you collect as many subscribers as possible, as well as offering a simple solution to managing contacts via My Sites>My Contacts>Subscribers.


Standout Features

  • Using Wix Get Subscribers, sync contact information via Wix ShoutOut — Wix’s marketing automation platform that allows you to send newsletters and invitations to the perfectly targeted audience.
  • Enable automatic pop-ups.

Wix Get Subscribers

Build your subscriber list with the Wix Get Subscribers App

2. Contact Collection (by Contact Collection)

User Rating: 5/5 stars
Downloads: 21,383
Price: Free/$2.99/month
Best For: Collect and automatically add user data such as name, email and telephone to your MailChimp lists.


Collecting site visitor data and managing it can be time-consuming, but the Contact Collection app is a great relief. Once you download the app, you’ll understand how the website builder makes this experience seamless.


Starting at $2.99/mo, get unlimited subscribers, and if you do not have a premium account, your first fifty subscribers are free of charge. The highlight of this app is that it syncs with MailChimp for easy contact collection and management. Data collected will take a one-way train to MailChimp to the list you specify.


If you also employ the assistance of the Wix Contacts app on your business website, there is seamless integration offered with the tool, and collected data are automatically added to your contacts for easy viewing directly from your website’s main dashboard.


Personalize messages and your form’s color, design and more.


Standout Features

  • Seamless integration with MailChimp
  • Receive email notifications when you receive new subscribers.

Contact Collection

The ‘Contact Collection App’ implemented on a Wix business website

3. Wix FAQ

User Rating: 3.5/5 stars
Downloads: 146,371
Price: Free
Best For: Creating a beautiful FAQ page.


Constantly answering frequently asked questions has either already, or will soon become time-consuming. So, why not provide customers with answers to FAQs directly from your website?


Give quick answers to frequently asked questions such as: What credit cards does your business accept?


The Wix FAQ app will enable business owners to reduce time spent on providing customer support — it is a one-time occurrence, but you should keep content located there up-to-date. You can also add images and videos and group questions by category.


Standout Features
Choose from a variety of styles, create categories, questions and answers and customize all title and text colors on your FAQ page.


Wix FAQ App lets you set up an FAQ section on your small business site

4. Marketing and Analytics (by SiteWit)

User Rating: 5/5 stars
Downloads: 29,318
Price: Free /$9-$50/month
Best For: Assisting with search marketing campaigns and gathering marketing analytics data from your site.


Take advantage of paid advertising and insights with the Marketing and Analytics App.The app enables you to market your business to search engines via targeted online campaigns.


For those with limited knowledge on creating paid search campaigns, the app actually guides you step-by-step on how to best optimize ads for popular search engines like Google and Bing. To take it a step further, Marketing and Analytics assists in choosing the perfect keywords to drive more qualified leads to your small business website.


Yet another helpful aspect of the app is that it automatically optimizes small business campaigns on a daily basis, and gives you insight into how your website is engaging visitors and how they arrive at your website.

In the case of this app, the majority of features are offered to premium users, so upgrading your plan is highly recommended.

Standout Features

  • You can track and monitor your paid search campaigns in real time from one dashboard — eliminating the need to manage campaigns from multiple platforms. This is a really great way for small business owners to get their feet wet and not feel defeated by large platforms such as Google AdWords and Analytics.
  • Marketing and Analytics even provides you with information on your site’s keyword ranking on Google, Bing and Yahoo — free of charge.

Marketing and Analytics by SiteWit

Marketing and Analytics Dashboard

5. Wix Bookings

User Rating: 4/5 stars
Downloads: 1,758,827
Price: Free / $9.08+
Best For: Taking and managing bookings for appointments, meetings, conferences and more.


Keeping track of appointments, meetings, conferences bookings and more — just got easier, thanks to Wix Bookings. The app is one of the most comprehensive offered by Wix, as it allows business owners to set up in a few minutes and to take bookings 24/7.


Customers can make partial and full payments for their bookings using PayPal and Stripe, as well as book groups and classes.


Not sure how to manage the process of reminding customers of upcoming appointments? Not to worry, the system manages this for you and sends automatic email reminders.


One of the other major perks of the app is that you can add staff calendars and let customers book appointments with their favorite member of your staff, all of which can sync with Google calendar.


Whenever a new booking is received, Wix Bookings automatically sends you an email notification.


Finally, managing customer data can be a challenge, but Wix Bookings — the process simpler. You can even store as well as edit client data like birthdays, appointment history and notes.


Standout Features

  • Create a member log in reserved for those with outstanding appointments and let them manage upcoming appointments.
  • Professionally designed layouts.
  • List individual and group services.

Wix Bookings

Wix Bookings Editor

6. Wix Blog

User Rating: 3.5/5 stars
Downloads: 293,869
Price: Free
Best For: Writing and managing a professional-looking blog.


A business blog is a great way to engage site visitors and educate them about your business and products. Wix Blog is blog management made easy — and the perfect tool for small business owners. Create new posts, add categories, manage comments and more.


If you add categories, sorting through blogs will become easier for you and for readers.


Add and manage multiple writers and enjoy the use of social features that let readers comment on videos and images, share and follow your posts. Create an area for authors to log in to their account, and let them manage profiles, latest posts, comments and followers.


Through its rich text editor, be sure your blog posts have perfectly formatted quotes, bullets, bolded text, links and more. If you want to reclaim readers who are inactive, set up automatic emails and mobile notifications so they know when you post, comment and more.


Signing up to receive your business blog posts can be done via email, Facebook and Google.


Standout Features

  • Manage your blog on the go with the Wix Mobile App.
  • See when there is an active discussion with Wix’s live typing indicator.
  • Business owners can add hashtags to posts to increase their social reach and to help interested parties search social networks to find your posts.

Wix Blog

Wix Blog Editor


User Rating: 5/5 stars
Downloads: 1,406
Price: Free/$3.97/month
Best For: Allowing users to comment on your content; moderating and manage comments.


Let’s face it, sometimes comments on site and blog content can get a bit out of hand, and there’s no option to manage or even delete them in some cases. This is where the Comments app can help you.


Starting at $3.97/mo, enable and manage unlimited commenting to your business blog or website (on the free plan, you can publish up to 10 comments on site content per month). You can also moderate comments, receive email notifications when new comments are received, as well as reply to comments and earn five-star ratings from satisfied customers.


Integrate with your business blog, or on single posts, and if you manage an eCommerce store, add the app to your products page so users can give products a five-star rating.


Standout Features

  • The Comments App works with Facebook, Twitter, and Google accounts which allows you them to add comments and upload photos. Lastly, business owners can interact with site visitors in real-time for a productive and active discussion.

Comments App Dashboard

8. Form Builder Plus+ (by POWr)

User Rating:5/5 stars
Downloads: 986,749
Price: Free/$3.33/month
Best For: Growing your contact lists by collecting website visitor information.


Every small business can benefit from implementing forms to collect user data (name and address, phone number, email address and more) on their website. The third-party app, Form Builder Plus+ enables you to collect consumer data and use it to send current and potential customers special offers, company news, blog posts and more.


The app is designed to help small business owners create customized forms. Starting at $3.33/mo, make modifications to elements such as text and enjoy unlimited form submissions, and instant email alerts once new contact information is received.


You’ll also be able to receive file attachments, add multiple email admins, customize confirmation emails and remove branding from your forms.


Here is a full list of all of the aspects of forms business owners can take control of:

  • eCommerce Elements
  • A Countdown Timer
  • Social Streams
  • Social Icons
  • Hit Counter
  • Comments
  • Sliders
  • A Map

Standout Features

  • Unlimited customizable form fields, available on premium accounts.

Note: If you have a free account this is limited to 12 fields, and its premium plan offers the option to create forms in English, Spanish and German.

Form Builder Plus

Form Builder Plus+ Editor

9. Tidio Live Chat

User Rating: 5/5 stars
Downloads: 502,306
Price: Free Trial/$10.00/month
Best For: Chatting with leads, live, and directly from your site.


Real-time chat is valuable to many site visitors and can be used to provide additional information needed to close a sale or collect a new lead. This unique browsing experience alone can lead to higher conversion rates and/or more satisfied customers.


Tidio Live Chat is a great tool that lets you do just this, and there is a free seven-day trial, which limits you to three chat conversations monthly. For $10.00/mo, take advantage of unlimited access to the app.


Customize automatic messages that appear as greetings for visitors when they land on your website. Here, you can even send promo codes/special offers to encourage visitors to participate in a live chat.


Finally, manage multiple conversations at the same time and select the times you wish not to be disturbed/receive notifications. In total, there are over 140 languages supported including Portuguese, Spanish and Russian.


Standout Features

  • Know when visitors are live on your website/track which pages they browse, along with the country they are from.
  • The mobile app lets you chat with customers on the go, and via Facebook Messenger.
  • See what visitors are typing as they type it.
  • Translate text to fit visitor browser language.

Tidio Live Chat

Tidio Live Dashboard.

10. Free Call (by free call Inc.)

User Rating: 5/5 stars
Downloads: 86,501
Price: Free/$4.99/month
Best For: Enabling visitors to call your business directly from your website.


Are you one of the many small business owners who use your cell phone to take business calls? Or are you a bit more traditional in your approach to business, and have a landline for customers to call?


Either way, the Free Call app enables you to streamline the process of making calls to your business from your website.


Starting at $4.99/mo, earn 250 minutes of talk time, receive calls and messages, call logs, set business hours and convert your phone number into a clickable (and free link). Add the call to action to ‘Call Now’ directly to your email signature, newsletter and social media profiles.


Standout Features

  • Receive recordings following each conversation for later reference.

Free Call by free call Inc.

Free Call App implemented on a Wix Business Website Template

11. Inffuse Testimonials (by Inffuse)

User Rating: 4/5 stars
Downloads: 432,706
Price: Free/$3.17/month
Best For: If you sell products, goods or services, you can add a well-designed testimonial section to your business website.


Adding unbiased reviews can assist in building trust and confidence in your brand. There is even the increased chance that website visitors will make a purchase or convert on your site based on other customers’ reviews.


Starting at $3.17/mo, the Inffuse Testimonials app allows you to publish unlimited testimonials, and add animated transitions that rotate through testimonials. There is a wide range of beautiful templates to choose from and the app allows for customization of elements such as colors, backgrounds and text.


Standout Features

  • Gather testimonials from multiple social sources like Facebook posts, tweets and Yelp reviews.

Inffuse Testimonials Stream

12. Social Media Stream (by SmartFox)

User Rating: 5/5 stars
Downloads: 620,100
Price: Free/$4.95/month
Best For: Adding business social media feeds from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest and Tumblr directly to your website.


Let your business’s social media followers keep up-to-date with the latest news and company events using Social Media Stream. Available for $4.95/mo, add your social media stream to your website.


With a free plan, you are limited to adding two social streams and an unlimited amount with a Wix Premium Plan. With Social Media Stream Premium, remove branding and select the number of posts you want to appear on your site.


The whole process of making modifications is easy and you can change colors to match business branding. The best part is, Social Media Stream is mobile responsive and lets you moderate the specific posts you want to appear on your website.


Standout Features

  • Take advantage of additional SEO support offered to Premium Account Users.

Social Media Stream by SmartFox

Social Media Stream App Editor

13. Social Media Icons (by POWr)

User Rating: 5/5 stars
Downloads: 398,351
Price: Free/$2.67/month
Best For: Linking business social profiles to your website to increase your social following.


The concept is simple. Once customers come to your site, browse and engage with your content — they will likely stumble upon your social icons and give one or more of them a ‘like.’ This will happen if they feel your site offers something of value and you have the proper CTAs in place.


With Social Media Icons ($2.67/mo), access unlimited icons, customize images/links to any social page, increase your following and remove the POWr logo. Design features are also within your control, and you can add a bit of style to your icons by adjusting size, shape, spacing and orientation.


Standout Features

  • Access and add code to forms with a Wix Premium Plan.

Social Media Icons implemented on a Wix site

14. Facebook Share (by Wix)

User Rating: 4/5 stars
Downloads: 440,642
Price: Free
Best For: Adding a share button to your website lets visitors share site content on their, a friend’s Facebook page, or via private message.


With the Facebook Share app, encourage visitors to share site content with their Facebook friends/followers with one click of a mouse. This can assist in increased website traffic and social interaction.


Standout Features

  • Website visitors can share your site’s URL or a single page, right from your website.

Facebook Share Editor

15. Instagram Feed

User Rating: 4/5 stars
Downloads: 1,530,404
Price: Free
Best For: Connect your business Instagram with one click and enable your feed directly on your site.


Choose from tons of beautiful layouts, everything from grid and slider to collage, and automatically import links from your Instagram feed to enable site visitors to click them.


In terms of display options, you can choose a full-width layout and customize elements such as colors and fonts to match branding on your site.


Standout Features

  • Link photos and videos to product pages on your website or to other web addresses.

Instagram Feed App

Instagram Feed Editor for Wix Sites

16. Wix Language Menu

User Rating:
Downloads: 497,199
Price: Free
Best For: Enabling visitors to browse your site in their native language.


Target an international audience, let website visitors browse your site in their native language. The free Wix Language Menu app automatically redirects international visits to a version of your site that is in their native language.


Users can even select their preferred language using the language selector tool.


Standout Features

  • Choose from over thirty languages to redirect your site’s international visitors to for a better browsing experience.

Wix Language Menu

Wix Language Menu Settings

17. Back to Top (by Wix)

User Rating: 4/5 stars
Downloads: 844,412
Price: Free
Best For: Making it easier for visitors to reach your website without scrolling.


Website users can get frustrated after scrolling to the bottom of a long page of text if they have to scroll the whole way up to return to the main menu. So, eliminating this level of frustration for many is a no-brainer. The back to top button enables users to return to the top of a webpage with a single click.


The Back to Top app puts you in control of the button’s style, position, size and colors that fit the scheme of your business website.


Standout Features

  • This is a free app!

Back to Top by Wix

The Back To Top button – sitting on the bottom right of the page

18. Map (by POWr)

User Rating:
Downloads: 71,499
Price: Free/$2.67/month
Best For: Showing customers where your store is physically located on a map.


Have you ever conducted a search or gone directly to the website of a business you want to patronize? Did you come up empty-handed when trying to locate a map of its location?


For $2.67/mo — the Map app enables you to create a unique user experience, and give customers the satisfaction of knowing exactly where they are heading. Show customers the closest branch or location to them using pins, add a search bar and select from a plethora of map styles.


Choose from road maps, satellite images, terrain and hybrid maps, each of which is fully-interactive. You can make additional customization to fonts, map shapes, shadows, borders, pin colors and lots more.


Standout Features

  • Add unlimited map pins to your site, remove the POWr logo and create custom pin icons.
  • Use the app’s built-in analytics for insight on traffic and page views.

Map by POWr

Map Settings

Wix Apps for eCommerce Websites

Wix has officially stepped into the eCommerce arena with its myriad of apps that enhance the customer experience. From fast checkout to the total eCommerce solution Wix Stores, the popular website builder enables you to optimize your eCommerce site and reap the benefits of a beautiful online store.


This includes Wix Stores, one of the simplest ways to manage your brick and mortar store online.


19. Wix Stores

User Rating:
Downloads: 2,125,871
Price: Premium
Best For: Creating a seamless and manageable online shopping experience.


Wix Stores provides all of the necessary tools required to take your customers on an eCommerce journey powered by Wix. The app is wildly popular, which can be judged by the over two million eCommerce pros who use Wix Stores.


The app creates a fully-functioning online store with a single click.


From there, customize your store any way you want and choose from countless customizable templates with product galleries, flexible product options and a shopping cart for one-click checkout.


Customer checkout is 100 percent secure and managing your store, inventory, creating coupon codes, displaying tax and shipping rules can all be done from Wix Stores. When customers make a payment, they are presented with multiple options including credit card and PayPal.


Standout Features

  • Add unlimited products to your eCommerce site.
  • Build and send newsletters using ShoutOut.
  • No transaction fee on sales.

Wix Stores

Wix Stores New Product Section

20. Online Payments (vCita Inc.)

User Rating:
Downloads: 143,759
Price: Free/$12.25/month
Best For: Accepting credit card and payments via PayPal/Stripe.


The action of making and processing payments is simpler when you use the Online Payments App. $12.25/mo gives you access to easy management through the Online Payments Mobile App with no transaction fees.


Receive automatic email and SMS notifications for every new payment and set your preferred currency.


There is no cap on payments made using a premium version of the app, but you are limited to $300 in payments each month with a free account.The entire experience is mobile responsive and a great way to offer yet another method of making payments for eCommerce products.


Standout Features

  • Create branded invoices with its integrated invoicing system.

Online Payments Button

21. Amazon

User Rating:
Downloads: 36,115
Price: Free
Best For: The Amazon app is great for attracting a whole new audience by putting your, as well as affiliate products from Amazon for sale on your eCommerce site.


Worldwide, Amazon has over 310 million active users, increasing the chances of someone stumbling upon your products via Amazon as a result.


Sell from ten Amazon international sites and connect affiliate accounts from Canada, Mexico, Brazil, United Kingdom, United States, Spain, Italy, France, Germany and Japan with the Amazon app.


Standout Features

  • Showcase up to thirty Amazon products on your eCommerce site.

Amazon App Settings for Wix sites

22. Etsy Shop (by Wix)

User Rating: 3.5/5 stars
Downloads: 75,561
Price: Free
Best For: Add your Etsy shop directly to your Wix eCommerce site.


With over thirty million buyers and businesses from around the world, Etsy is another great eCommerce outlet to sell your products on.


Seamlessly integrate your current Etsy shop into your Wix website and use other Wix apps to promote and build a community of loyal brand supporters. Collect payments via credit cards, PayPal, and customize the look and feel of your shop to match your website’s branding.


Etsy does charge 0.20 cents for each listing uploaded to your online store.


Standout Features

  • Sell products from your Etsy store easily.

Etsy Shop App Settings for Wix sites

23. eBay eCommerce (by Mindbulbs Ltd)

User Rating:
Downloads: 16,239
Price: Free Trial/$9.99/month
Best For: Add products being sold on eBay to let visitors bid directly from your business website.


170 million users later, eBay is still one of the hottest eCommerce platforms on the market. Connecting with the eCommerce giant will expose your products to those who may not otherwise see them.


With the eBay eCommerce app, at $9.99/mo, sell unlimited products depending on the plan you choose, and your eBay store is automatically customized to match your current Wix site. Showcase up to sixty products per page for easy customer sorting and display variations of products that differ in size and color.


Each of your product pages is mobile responsive.


Standout Features

  • Customers can make a purchase and place a bid directly from the app while using eBay’s secure checkout. This excludes auto pay items.

eBay eCommerce App settings for Wix sites

24. Price Table (by POWr)

User Rating: 5/5 stars
Downloads: 61,033
Price: Free/$2.67/month
Best For: Creating a pricing table that presents the prices of goods, services and products.


The Price Table app allows you to showcase your small business pricing with a modern and sleek pricing table. Starting at $2.67/month, this side-by-side comparison highlights the benefits of upgrading to a premium plan and features special business offers.


In terms of customization, business owners can add text, images and links to describe products, choose colors, backgrounds, layouts and overall design of their price table.


Want to gain more insight into your pricing table’s performance?


There is a built-in statistic and traffic viewer for quick reference analytics. If you want to allow users to make purchases directly from the pricing table, you can accept payments via PayPal and even password protect the section.


Through its premium version, enjoy fast web support and remove POWr branding from your pricing table.


Standout Features

  • Each template is mobile responsive, for those who search for pricing on their mobile devices.
  • Showcase your most popular products with the app’s built-in highlight feature.
  • Pricing Table supports text in any language.

Price Table App for Wix eCommerce sites

25. Site Search (InstantSearch+)

User Rating:
Downloads: 1,455,259
Price: Free/$4.99/month
Best For: Enhancing your website with search capabilities.


Make your website’s content easily findable by adding a search function. Site Search can help reduce the time customers spend locating products, services, blog posts and more. With a premium plan, provide unlimited site searches, and with Site Search’s free plan, access thirty monthly searches. With a premium account, you can also remove any related branding.


In terms of sync, premium users receive daily synchronizations of site content, whereas active users have weekly syncs.


Standout Features

  • You can see which products users are searching for to make changes to inventory, etc.

Site Search App for Wix eCommerce sites

26. PayPal Button (by POWr)

User Rating: 5/5 stars
Downloads: 575,108
Price: Free/$2.67/month
Best For: Creating a convenient way for site visitors to pay for goods and services.


PayPal is a highly-trusted brand and holds a lot of weight in the secure payments world. Adding this button to your site can help build a sense of trust from potential customers. With a PayPal Button Premium plan, surpass the free plan limit of 25 monthly transactions, and receive unlimited transactions.


You can also accept payments via Stripe as well as offline.


Setting up recurring payments is a breeze, and is made possible via the PayPal button. If there are multiple persons managing your eCommerce store, send automatic email notifications to alert them of new orders that need to be filled.


After payments are made, redirect customers to a new page, create unique discount codes and have peace of mind that there are no fees for transactions made through PayPal.


Standout Features

  • PayPal supports 25+ currencies including USD, EUR and GBP.

PayPal Button

PayPal Button for Wix eCommerce sites

Wix Apps for Photography Websites


As a photographer, it can be difficult to find a platform that best showcases your work. The problem is all too familiar in fact, you choose a website builder that doesn’t quite have the features that let you present your beautiful images in a professional manner.


Enter Wix, which offers countless apps and integrations that give your photography a boost. Everything from selling high-quality downloads of your work to creating a professional-looking online album can be done using Wix Apps.


We’ll explore Wix’s go-to apps for photographers in the below section.

27. Wix Pro Gallery

User Rating: 4/5 stars
Downloads: 1,493,514
Price: Free
Best For: Creating and organizing a beautiful image gallery.


Creating a professional-looking gallery as a photographer can be time-consuming, but certainly is a necessary part of the job. Wix Pro Gallery makes this process simpler and less time- consuming.


The advanced gallery lets photographers create professional-looking image galleries to showcase their best work, and to attract new customers. Making modifications to sharpness and image quality are just two of the advantages of the photo app — you can also add text/videos to galleries.


All images are optimized for mobile devices and site visitors can share photos/videos on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr or via email. Keep track of the photos visitors love the most by enabling a heart icon for visitors to choose their favorite images.


Standout Features

  • Built-in image control ensures your work cannot be stolen.
  • Photographers can choose from nine layout outs.

Wix Pro Gallery

28. Wix Photo Albums

User Rating: 3.5/5 stars
Downloads: 257,933
Price: Free
Best For: Creating a unique password-protected photo album site for clients.


Wix Photo Albums lets you create an album, make it available for download, create a dedicated URL and password protect it. Organize photos into a single and uniform photo album and change elements such as colors, add your business logo and pick from tons of layouts to create an unforgettable viewing experience.


Make modifications to the URL and allow viewers and customers to share their photos on social media for further reach.


Standout Features

  • Customers can easily download images directly from their personalized photo album website.

Wix Photo Albums

Wix Photo Albums Photo Manager

29. Wix Video

User Rating:4/5 stars
Downloads: 325,480
Price: Free/$9.00/month
Best For: Showcasing your videos.


With Wix Video, present your videos and select the perfect layout, design and more, starting at $9.00/month.


You can even promote and sell videos, offering monthly subscriptions and collect earnings with zero commission, and get additional storage space, starting at 100GB when you upgrade to a Premium Plan.


Standout Features

  • Wix Video lets you sell custom products from an online store and provide an ad-free viewing experience.

Wix Video

Wix Video App Interface

30. Video & Image Slider (by POWr)

User Rating: 5/5 stars
Downloads: 275,629
Price: Free/$3.58/month
Best For: Displaying photos, banners and videos from YouTube/Vimeo.


Make your sliding images pop with the help of Video & Image Slider. The app is a highly customizable dynamic slider that creates a unique video/image viewing experience.


Choose from 13 difference advanced slide animation transitions with Video & Image Slider Premium. Enjoy adding unlimited slides, customizing slide speed, auto-play features, colors, borders, backgrounds, captions and more.


Standout Features

  • Video & Image Slider supports text in any language.

Video & Image Slider Editor

31. Right Click Protect

User Rating: 4/5 stars
Downloads: 268,855
Price: Free
Best For: Block right-click downloads by adding this app to your site.


Protecting your work online is becoming more and more difficult, yet there are options to ensure your work is not illegally downloaded.


Right Click Protect lets you create a customized copyright notice that appears when site visitors right-click anywhere on your Wix site. You can even add a copyright symbol.


Standout Features

  • Right Click Protect lets you customize font and the text of your site’s copyright notice.

Right Click Protect

Right Click Protect: content and image protection

32. Sell Downloads (by Sellfy)

User Rating: 3.5/5 stars
Downloads: 147,136
Price: Free Trial/$9.99/month
Best For: Sell your downloadable content.


Photographers can sell digital prints with instant delivery via Sell Downloads by Sellfy.


There is a fourteen-day free trial — after this, it’ll cost $9.99/mo, which eliminates transaction fees and allows you to sell beautiful images directly from your Wix site. Customers can pay using PayPal or Stripe.


If you want to give regular customers discount codes or create reward campaigns for those who share your products on social media, you can.


Standout Features

  • Advanced Analytics features let you track any and all purchases and gives you a monthly summary of product views and transactions.

Sell Downloads by Sellfy

Sell Downloads Dashboard

Wix Apps For Events

If you are building a website to promote an event, take a look at some of the dedicated event website apps offered by Wix.


You will discover apps that let you sell tickets, manage all aspects of upcoming events and add a countdown timer to your site to build a sense of urgency, prompting visitors to register for your event.

33. Wix Events

User Rating: 4/5 stars
Downloads: 728,536
Price: Free
Best For: Create and manage events online, directly from your website.


If you’re an events promoter, you likely have numerous ways of managing the many facets of your event. Wix has created an all-in-one online management platform for all of your business events, that eliminates the need for multiple platforms.


Via Wix Events, create and display multiple events on your website, sell tickets, accept RSVPs, send beautiful invitations and manage guest lists. The App is perfect for managing conferences, meetups, webinars and company parties.


When it comes time for the event, perform check-ins for guests right from the Wix mobile app.


The registration process is even streamlined, and there are tons of options for customizing registration forms to get the most important details from guests.


Standout Features

  • Guest can print out tickets and receive automatic emails once they complete your desired action.
  • Business owners can manage waitlists and notify those on the waitlist once spots open up.

Wix Events

Wix Events App implemented on a Wix events website

34. Sell Tickets (Sell Tickets App)

User Rating: 4/5 stars
Downloads: 75,402
Price: Free Trial/$17.50/month
Best For: Sell tickets and manage event registration through your Wix website.


Sell tickets to events, manage them from a single platform and eliminate the middleman, including expensive third-party processing fees. Starting at $17.50/mo, embed ticket booking forms into your Wix site and use its dedicated box office page so customers can purchase tickets on both mobile and desktop devices.


The Sell Tickets app integrates with PayPal, Stripe and lets you accept credit/debit card payments online, as well as add your own booking fees to ticket sales. If your event is expected to be over 5,000 persons, you’ll need to contact Sell Tickets, but it is possible to host events of this size.


Download all customer data from your control panel and import it to CRM platforms or email marketing automation systems. If you want to be alerted each time a new order is received, you can.


Standout Features

  • Print attendee lists and automatically deliver e-tickets to those who register for events.
  • View sales analytics and affiliate links.

Sell Tickets App

Sell Tickets App user interface

35. Events Calendar (by Inffuse)

User Rating: 4/5 stars
Downloads: 1,086,722
Price: Free/$3.99/month
Best For: Adding an events calendar to your website.


Let customers know your business event schedule by placing an Event Calendar directly on your website.


For $3.99, display unlimited events on an unlimited amount of calendars. The app syncs daily with Google Calendar and you can remove branded ads from your events calendar with a premium account.


Premium customer support is available and ensures you receive priority email and phone support from the Inffuse team. Business owners can choose how they wish for events to appear, in monthly, weekly or agenda-style layouts, as well as customize colors, fonts and add branding.


Standout Features

  • Your calendar can appear in five languages including English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Russian.

Events Calendar by Inffuse

Events Calendar Settings

36. Countdown Timer (by POWr)

User Rating: 5/5 stars
Downloads: 95,682
Price: Free/$3.50/month
Best For: Adding a countdown timer to your website to show the time until a company conference, training session or weekend business retreat.


With Countdown Timer, build buzz around upcoming events and make event goers feel the heat as the clock to purchase tickets or register counts down.


For $3.58/mo, access premium features designed to create a balance of excitement and anticipation. You can add a custom message to display once your timer expires, as well as a link or a payment button to encourage visitors to make a last-minute ticket purchase or register for your event.


Have your countdown reset automatically and repeat once it is complete, and even remove the POWr logo with a premium account. Regarding design, the power is in your hands and you can make adjustments to countdown speed, size, spacing and add animations.


Standout Features

  • No matter what language you choose — Countdown Timer by POWr supports it.

Countdown Timer by POWr

Countdown Timer for Wix events sites

Wix Apps for Boutique Hotels

If you’re a boutique hotel owner, managing aspects of booking and advertising might prove to be a challenge. Wix is on a mission to make the entire process simpler, more streamlined and has released apps relevant for those in the hospitality industry.


Many of the apps offered help manage the process of collecting customer details, processing payments and to view relevant guest information such as name, email and telephone number.

37. Wix Hotels

User Rating: 3.5/5 stars
Downloads: 605,304
Price: Free/$9.99/month
Best For: Managing all aspects of bookings and payments.


Wix provides an excellent method of hotel booking and management with the Wix Hotels app. Starting at $9.99, set up your total solution for booking hotel rooms via your website. Using seasonal rates, provide flexible rates based on the season customers book their rooms in.


Add other services such as breakfast and cleaning, all from Wix Hotels, and accept online/mobile bookings.


Standout Features

  • Each time a booking is made, your calendar is automatically updated to reflect newly registered guests.
  • In total, Wix Hotels supports ten languages and can be managed from the Wix mobile app. There, you can accept reservations from your Apple or Android device.

Wix Hotels

Wix Hotels Reservations Feature Editor

Wix Apps for Restaurants

38. Wix Restaurants Orders

User Rating: 3.5/5 stars
Downloads: 69,942
Price: Free/Premium
Best For: Letting customers place takeout and delivery orders from your website.


For restaurant owners, this is a no-brainer. If customers can’t place an order on your website in 2018, they may not order at all.


With a Wix Restaurants Orders Premium account, let customers place orders using your website and give them multiple payment options. If they wish to pay using credit cards, they can, splitting the bill? No problem.

Wix Orders

Wix Resturants Orders Dashboard

Standout Features

  • If you want to sell additional products (such as packaged food or condiments), you can do so through Wix Restaurants Orders.

Wix Restaurants Orders Layout Options

39. Wix Restaurants Menus

User Rating: 3.5/5 stars
Downloads: 209,984
Price: Free
Best For: Creating a striking menu for hungry website visitors.


It’s one thing not to be able to place an order, but not having a menu is another story. Imagine going to your favorite restaurant’s website and trying to view the menu before you and your family go there.


There’s no menu.


Don’t put your customers in this quagmire — create a beautiful menu to showcase your finest cuisine, specials and seasonal dishes. From the Wix Restaurant Menus app, create unlimited menus and display them on various pages across your site.


Choose from plenty of customizable, mobile responsive layouts, add dishes, descriptions, prices and upload photos of your best dishes.


Standout Features

  • Add labels that indicate specials, gluten-free and vegan dishes.
  • You can even display your menu on social channels by syncing it to your restaurant’s business page.
  • Add a menu tab to your Foursquare account with a premium plan.

Wix Restaurants Menus

Wix Restaurants Menus Editor

40. OpenTable Reservations (by Wix)

User Rating: 3.5/5 stars
Downloads: 43,121
Price: Free
Best For: Taking reservations from hungry customers.


Don’t let your best customers down on Valentine’s Day. Accept reservations! Add the OpenTable Reservations app so customers can make reservations at your restaurant. Choose from plenty of layouts that match your site’s design, and customize them.


Standout Features

  • Customers can make reservations 24/7.


OpenTable Reservations Widget


That’s it! You’ve reached the end of WebCreate’s Ultimate Guide of Top 40 Wix Apps for Your Small Business. If you want to find out more about Wix, these top apps and how you can start building your own business website, visit Wix:




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