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3dcart Review

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Last updated: 03 March 2019
Ease of Use


Originally launched in 2001, 3dcart takes pride in being an extremely feature-rich eCommerce platform for small to medium-sized businesses, designed to bring your products and services to a global audience.


3dcart users can list products, publish them to the Internet, accept orders and process payments all from the platform itself. The eCommerce company also offers professional website design services, SEO marketing packages, point-of-sale solutions, B2B eCommerce and more.


3dcart has over 60 free themes, all of which are mobile responsive, and over 30 paid templates. The platform also enables users to submit and upload their original created templates.


Each premium theme varies in price, starting at $60 USD to nearly $199 USD.


When setting up an online store, users can access 3dcart’s templates through the ‘Settings’ tab in the far left-hand corner. Next, click on ‘Design,’ and you’ll be presented with ‘Themes & Styles’ which allow you to edit your site’s design or choose a new theme.

Site owners have the option of implementing one of 3dcart’s free templates (which tend to be limited in capabilities), purchasing a single premium theme or for a ‘one-time’ $249/year fee users can enjoy year-round access to all of 3dcart’s premium themes.

The Editor

To enter 3dcart’s editor, you must enter from the builder’s main dashboard — the editor can be accessed under ‘Settings’ and ‘Design.’


Here, you can access your Store Settings, Admin Settings, Distributors, Manufacturers, Checkout Questions, IP & Security. Themes/Styles, Emails, Store Language, System Messages, Store Status, Payment & Shipping.


If you have a difficult time locating any of these elements, you can use the search bar in the top right-hand corner of the page, which is an extremely helpful tool.


Listed below are all elements/features of 3dcart’s Editor. These elements range from making adjustments to your store’s settings, controlling who you give admin access to, creating emails, set the store language as well as a number of other features.


Element Features
Store Settings Under this section — users can make edits to important store information such as its name, slogan, upload an email, set currency codes, time zone and currency settings.
Admin Access You can add and remove admin-level users.
Distributors This feature sends automatic email notifications to distributors (alerting them of new orders). Through ‘Distributors,’ you can also calculate shipping based on the distributor’s address.
Manufacturer Allows customers to easily browse a number of brands.
Checkout Questions This feature lets you collect valuable data related to the user experience.
IP Security Protect your online store with IP security.
Themes & Styles There are over 100 free and paid templates to choose from.
Emails Create email marketing campaigns, emails to customers or affiliate marketing emails.
Store Language The platform can support any language that uses the Roman/Latin alphabet, such as English, French, Spanish or Portuguese.
System Messages Edit messages that appear throughout your site such as login errors, add to cart, shipping, billing and more.
Store Status Find and edit your store name, and change the status of your store to closed or open.
Payment Control all aspects of payment such as selecting methods of payments like PayPal,
Shipping This feature lets you control shipping methods, settings, insurance, handling options, countries you deliver to and will even recommend shipping solutions.


You can reach your blog, manage site content, edit your header & footer and make optimizations to your titles and content from this same section.


Editing content in WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get) mode, titles and content, system messages and store languages sections is simple, and can be done in a few easy steps.


WYSIWYG: You can find the WYSIWYG editor from a few locations in your Online Store Manager, but we’ll just talk about the most common point of access:


Head to Products > Product List


Next, click ‘Action’ and “Edit.’ Once you begin editing your product list, the page should look something like this:

From within the same section, you can edit content:

  • Product > Categories
  • Marketing > Autoresponders
  • Content > Blog
  • Content > Site Content
  • Content > Header & Footer
  • Content > Text & Titles
  • Settings > General > Manufacturers
  • Settings > Design > Close Store


Titles & Content: In this section, located in Content > Titles & Content.


From Titles & Content, make updates to:

  • Account Pages
  • Affiliate Pages
  • CRM Pages
  • Gift Registry Pages
  • Main Pages
  • Wishlist Pages


Store Languages: To edit this section, head to Settings > Design > Store Language.


From 3dcart’s main DashBoard, you can view orders from past and present customers. Find all information regarding orders awaiting payment, shipment, high-risk, incomplete, archived, shipped, refunded, pre-orders and export lists to a spreadsheet. Under the same section, manage shipment, tracking numbers and track payments.


You can access and manage all of your products under one tab, which is located in the ‘Products’ section– accessible from the main ‘Dashboard.’


Products List: List new, and update existing products in your store. You can make all of your products appear on your homepage by checking the ‘Home Special.’ It will look something like this:



Once your products are on your homepage, they will appear with specs and photos.


Categories: Manage categories, subcategories and edit details, product sorting and hide or delete a product from your eCommerce store.
Images: Add images to your store and organize them.
Reviews: Add reviews of current and past products.
Waiting List: If you should find yourself out of inventory — use your ‘Waiting List’ feature to notify customers when you receive new inventory.


If you want to edit your store’s name and slogan, you can do so by accessing: Settings >General >Store Settings. It will actually look something like what you see below.


You can then hit the ‘View Store’ button in the top left-hand corner to see what your store looks like when it is live.


Also accessible through 3dcart’s main dashboard — this portion of the site is used to gather demographic information on current and past customers to build lists. Here, you can manage and organize customers into segmented groups and assign them special pricing.


This is a big advantage.


Another advantage of this section is the ability to manage your site’s CRM, and respond to support tickets. The comes equipped with a gift registry.


The ‘Customers’ feature will become useful once you start managing customers and orders both domestically and abroad. The platform also offers two further capabilities:

  • An affiliate program, enabling you to offer users commissions for referring shoppers to your store, and
  • Gift registries, which customers can set up to enable friends/family to purchase their chosen items for a special occasion.


Here’s where the platform goes beyond being a good platform and takes on a new set of superpowers, becoming superb. Its marketing tools are great and can help your store become a success when used properly.

  • Marketing Checklist: The marketing checklist provided by 3dcart consists of the below elements and is designed to help optimize your site’s content.
  • SEO Tools: We’ll highlight this feature a bit further down in the SEO section, but this tool is jam-packed with tools made for optimizing on-site SEO.
  • Like Button: You’re given the option to add a Facebook like button to your site, thus increasing your company’s social visibility
  • Social Bookmarking: This feature lets you share your products anywhere, boosting traffic to your website.
  • Promotion Manager: Through ‘Promotion Manager,’ you can drive traffic to your website through promotions such as buy 1, get one free and other coupons.
  • Autoresponders: These are customized and automated follow-up emails that are sent based on customer purchase history.
  • Newsletters: Engage with your customers via email marketing and earn new leads while providing valuable content to readers.
  • Group Certificates: Import/export bulk coupons and group certificate campaigns.
  • Special Offers: Here, you have access to Bing ads and Grasshopper Virtual Phone Service, which gives you a toll-free or local number with unlimited extensions, professional greetings and more.
  • Shopping Engines: In the form of plugins, access 10 plugins like Bing, Google Product Listing Ads, Google Product Feeds, Shopzilla and


While 3dcart does not have a mobile application — there is a simple way to access your account and manage its storefront from most smartphones if using HTML5 themes.


When accessing your Online Store Manager — you can manage orders, review item details, view customer records and manage CRM tickets.


The process, although not done through an app — is quite simple and works for most smartphones, but is best optimized for iPhone. To create an access icon on your phone, you should follow the steps below:

  • On your iPhone browser, go to http://[yourdomain]/mobile/admin
  • Click on the (+) sign
  • Next, a new window will appear
  • Once it does, you’ll need to create a bookmark
  • Select the option labeled ‘Add to Home Screen
  • From the following screen, rename the bookmark
  • By default, the icon is labeled ‘3dCart Mobile’ but can be renamed
  • Lastly, click ‘Save’ and the new icon will appear on your home screen

3dcart Apps


The eCommerce platform has well over a hundred apps, ranging from accounting to social media. We’ve chosen some of 3dcart’s most useful apps to highlight.


App Specs
ShipStation Print hundreds of labels in one batch — with no manual data entry. It costs $25/monthly.
MailChimp You can connect your account and run targeted email marketing campaigns. Access to MailChimp is $9/mo.
SKUVAULT Use SKUVAULT to help save time with inventory management, starting at $99.00.
Fraudwatch Fraudwatch helps reduce fraud and identify fraudulent orders before they’re processed. It also adds a level of credibility to your site, as it adds a safe store seal to your site. Fraudwatch is just $9.99/mo.
3dboost The app costs $10/mo and gives you control over popup design and target it for desktop, mobile and tablet.
Live Web Insights by Yahoo Live Web insights is free and offers a real-time visitor tracking tool to see who is in your store, what pages they have viewed and which products they are interested in.This is a free app.
Shopgate Enables merchants to launch revenue-driven native apps for iOS and Android with no coding experience required. Shopgate is also a free app.
Avalara This app calculates and files sales tax for the price of $5/mo.
YOTPO Reviews YOTPO Reviews is free and lets you generate leads and use them to bring qualified traffic to your site.
Justuno This is a free app built to help convert traffic, acquire new email subscribers and social followers.



Regarding support, 3dcart has 24/7 phone support. 3dcart also has live chat support and a community-based forum support network called Knowledgebase, which features questions and answers to some of your most pressing questions.


There, dozens of questions and answers are available at your disposal.


Another great feature offered by 3dcart is that users can send questions to live representatives and if they should need to leave in the middle of the conversation, a representative will send them an answer.


This does, of course, depend on how much background info/insight you initially provide.



With 3dcart you get a free domain and free registration but no aftermarket, country-specific or other premium domain names can be used. The good thing is, each time you renew your domain with 3dcart, it is free.


You can even point an already-existing domain to your 3dcart site. But keep in mind, when creating your domain, you are given the option to add extra security to your site for one or two years.


Here’s what’s included in each 3dcart hosting plan:


  • Monthly updates
  • 256 Bit SSL certificate
  • FTP access to files
  • Daily backups
  • 99.94% uptime
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • IP blocking security
  • SEO


You can find a host of SEO tools in 3dcart’s ‘Marketing’ section under ‘SEO Tools,’ but we want to give this feature a bit of TLC and highlight its many capabilities. Its tools are actually quite advanced in terms of SEO and can be valuable if used properly.


You can update things such as your sitemap and submit to Google and Bing. You can also add in social links, AMP for product pages, Google Analytics and most importantly — add meta tags, enable product dynamic tags and further customize your HTML sitemaps.


You can find a host of SEO tools in 3dcart’s ‘Marketing’ section under ‘SEO Tools,’ but we want to give this feature a bit of TLC and highlight its many capabilities. Its tools are actually quite advanced in terms of SEO and can be valuable if used properly.


You can update things such as your sitemap and submit to Google and Bing. You can also add in social links, AMP for product pages, Google Analytics and most importantly — add meta tags, enable product dynamic tags and further customize your HTML sitemaps.


These features are really great for optimizing your site regarding SEO and making ensuring your site has a great chance (from the start) to rank high on Google. The good thing is, as your knowledge of SEO grows, you’ll be able to take advantage of some of these advanced tools and incorporate some of 3dcart’s apps and integrations specifically designed for SEO optimization.


3dcart’s pricing structure is simple and gives you the option to pay both monthly and annually. With three core plans, starting at $29/month.


Term Basic Plus Pro Enterprise
Monthly $29/month $79/month $229/month Custom pricing — for this, contact customer support
Yearly $26.10/month $71.10/month $206.10/month


Here’s a breakdown of pricing for all of 3dcart’s individual plans and what they include:


With the above plans, you’ll also enjoy adding unlimited products, 24/7 support, unlimited hard-disk file storage and unlimited bandwidth. And although 3dcart does not charge transaction fees, you will likely have to pay a 2% – 3% fee from whichever payment processor you choose, be it:

  • PayPal
  • Stripe
  • Beanstream
  • Dwolla
  • Square


Integrations Yes/No Features
Google Shopping Yes Available to 3dcart users, starting at $49.99/mo.
eBay Yes You use eBay Connector to sell on the world’s largest online marketplace.
Amazon Yes This feature lets you connect with Amazon Fulfillment and Amazon Order Sync.
Etsy No
Google Analytics Yes Gain insights on your site like referral traffic, etc.
Social Media Profile No Links to profiles embed social feeds on site.
Social Media Share Buttons Yes Available for Facebook.
MailBox Yes Integrated mailbox.
CRM Yes Lucky Orange Chat, Kevy, ReadyCloud, LiveAgent, Privy and ShipRush.
MailChimp Yes Available for email marketing campaigns and promotions.
Chat Yes 3rd-party chat apps are available.
3rd Party Reviews Yes Third party reviews are available.
Tracking Tools for Shipping Yes Aftership and Affiliate are both tracking tools that track customer packages.
Music Yes Through integrations like POWr, you can add a music player plugin to your site.
Video Yes You can add a video to products.
PayPal Yes Accept secure payments through the PayPal integration.


Future Considerations

If you’re in the market to build a new eCommerce website, you should take into account there are a ton of paid apps, many of which are paid on a monthly basis. They range from a few dollars to over $1,000 — which can certainly add up.


It would be difficult to justify using some of the apps and integrations, no matter how helpful they are unless you are making a large profit or you see the value in using expensive apps and integrations designed to optimize your site and providing a potentially unforgettable user experience.

Websites Built with 3dcart

Bottom Line

Find Out if 3dcart is Right For You

In terms of pricing, 3dcart is reasonably priced, and you certainly do get a lot of value for your money — this is in reference to support, security and features. On the other hand, there is a downside to the platform, many of its apps and integrations are an additional fee and its list of free apps are slim-to-none.  We must say however, its apps and integrations are not only plentiful but extremely relevant and can really contribute to creating a really great eCommerce experience for customers and the store’s owner as well.


  • The platform is very feature-rich
  • 24/7 live chat and phone support
  • Unlimited storage on every plan
  • Great SEO tools
  • Very customizable
  • Affordable pricing
  • Responsive templates
  • Free trial


  • Basic template designs
  • Cluttered UI — too many options within the platform
  • Learning curve


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